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Starting Over

When I was the beach yesterday having a beautiful time, out of the blue a wave comes up and washes over everything we had setting on the sand, including my cell phone. 177 more words

Nobody knows me at all, do they?

Funny how I always come running to people when I have a tough time making decisions, and at the end of the day they are the ones who knows me more than I do. 187 more words


Life is just one big bucket list!

So after being down about my life in light of recent events, I thought to make this blog about everything and anything but the kitchen sink. 681 more words

Bucket List

Can generational curses hinder a Christian's growth or deliverance?

Generational curses tend to be a popular topic in Pentecostal/charismatic circles. It’s the idea that, based on Mosaic law, God will curse up to the third or fourth generation of descendants of people involved in ungodly things like paganism. 533 more words


Must See TV

Over the course of our last eight years of marriage I can name multiple television shows that Dustin has loved, recorded, scheduled around, and just genuinely enjoyed.  479 more words


Everything Happens For A Reason

A few weeks ago, I was apart of the clean-up crew at my previous employer. Due to our hard work and dedication, we were laid off. 433 more words

My Life