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policyIQ: Support for the Full Contract Lifecycle and Revenue Recognition Standard

Our clients helped us, early on, to recognize that policyIQ is an excellent match for their contract administration needs. Using policyIQ for Risk and Compliance, Audit, or Policies and Procedures, they realized that the features that gave them better control over the integrity of their information, more simplified access to the content, version control, workflow and reporting capabilities, and easy-to-understand-while-powerful security would also be great for management of their agreements and contracts. 316 more words


The Geek Lifecycle

I was thinking about how when I got into one thing as a child it often got me interested in something else.  So how to did I get from Lego bricks to System Design, PowerShell and Sci-Fi? 1,137 more words

Diary Entries

End of Exchange 2010 Mainstream Support

With all the media attention for Windows 7 going out of mainstream support, one might forget today also marks the end of mainstream support for Exchange Server 2010. 76 more words

Exchange 2010

The Goal is Data Products: Now How Do We Get There?

The primary output of data science is data products. Data products can be anything from a list of recommendations to a dashboard to a single chart or any other… 453 more words

Data Science

A Circle

The incense wants to be one with the scent,
the scent to wrap itself round the incense,
melody wants to take shape in rhythm,
rhythm turns to melody instead, 81 more words

There’s a Records Manager in all of us.

So this afternoon has seen me taking care of some home paperwork,  now given I’m a Records Manager I’m in my element here but I’m just as bad as everyone else about letting those personal records get on top of me. 544 more words

Records Management


odd times are upon me
when the air wants me
more than I still want myself
it draws out my liquids
the essence that moistens… 173 more words