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Efficient Construction Project Delivery – BIM3, Ontology, and Process

Efficient Construction Project Delivery – BIM3, Ontology, and Process

Actionable, transparent information, collaboration, and supporting technology are requirements in reaching the goal of more efficient construction project delivery and life-cycle management of the built environment.   476 more words


Lifecycle - 'Lino Cosmos' Review

Lifecycle are a live electronic group from London, but that’s not the genre that might immediately spring to mind when listening to their new album ‘Lino Cosmos’. 271 more words


ASP.Net Page Life Cycle

When a page is requested, it is loaded into the server memory, processed and sent to the browser. Then it is unloaded from the memory. At each of this steps, methods and events are available, which could be overridden according to the need of the application. 393 more words


Caterpillars day 9 (2 days late)

Day 9 and the caterpillars are getting big. They have eaten a lot of the food that came in the pot. Bella says they are getting to big for the pot. 73 more words


Sustainability Assessments for Commercial Property Development

Since co-founding PAG Investments in 1999, Gershon Alexander has collaborated on hundreds of property development projects for commercial purposes in northern New Jersey. From his office in Newark, Gershon Alexander manages a wide range of tasks and operations specific to each commercial real estate project. 155 more words

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