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Operational Excellence and Information Management

I’m gearing up for next week’s Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas in Houston, so I’ve been thinking a lot about the role information management plays in the path to operational excellence for energy firms. 508 more words

Consulting Practice

Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas - Houston, November 3 - 5

I’m getting really excited to be a part of the Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas show next week in Houston. I’m presenting a session Wednesday at 10:25 titled… 287 more words

Consulting Practice

Technology adoption lifecycle (TALC)

The technology adoption lifecycle (TALC) describes how a market develops for a new product category. Understanding TALC helps business managers focus product management, develop future marketing strategies and allocate resources for radically innovative products (also known as discontinuous innovations). 551 more words

Don't Let Yourself Down

People leave all the time. At the end of the day all we have is our self and that has to be enough. No other human being on earth can create happiness for us.  168 more words


"Share a drink with your old folks"

I wonder if love is based on the amount of times a human being is thrust upon you, whether it be by fate or his own free will. 262 more words


From birth to death we are running down a path.

With each stop we are told to pick something up and put it in our pack: 31 more words


Let it Go and Be Open to what's next for you

Let it Go 

She told me that my thick, black dress no longer fit me. She whispered, “Mija, it’s resting on your body like a leech, don’t you see?” 788 more words