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"Share a drink with your old folks"

I wonder if love is based on the amount of times a human being is thrust upon you, whether it be by fate or his own free will. 261 more words


From birth to death we are running down a path.

With each stop we are told to pick something up and put it in our pack: 31 more words


Let it Go and Be Open to what's next for you

Let it Go 

She told me that my thick, black dress no longer fit me. She whispered, “Mija, it’s resting on your body like a leech, don’t you see?” 788 more words


Bean lifecycle init-method and destroy-method

Beans in Spring have a distinct lifecycle, and we can make code run when beans are created or destroyed.

If you want to run piece of codes just after the bean is created you can use “init-method” bean configuration element to note the method name to invoke by the container. 164 more words

Two Faced Life!!!

It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow.  – Anonymous

In last five odd years, while living in four different cities, with totally different culture and lifestyle, I have come across some amazing and flamboyant reality checks of life. 804 more words

Laptop Replacement Time *SIGHS*

Laptops and technology in general have a shelflife. You have two choices.

  1. Wait until said piece of tech breaks
  2. Identify the lifecycle of the tech and replace it before it breaks…
  3. 497 more words

Low-cost refurbished bike sale on Wednesday 22nd October!

Need a low cost bike? Want to start cycling? Come along to Life Cycle UK’s latest low-cost refurbished bike sale on Wednesday 22nd October! 235 more words