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Lifeforce (1985) Review (Arrow Video Blu-ray)

Based on the novel, The Space Vampires, by Colin Wilson, transferred to a screenplay by Dan O’Bannon (Alien Trilogy, Return of the Living Dead) and Dan Jakoby (Invaders from Mars, Evolution), and directed by Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Poltergeist), this space-vampire film mixes the genres of horror and sci-fi in a way that feels ahead of its time when you look back on it almost thirty years after its release. 814 more words



When I started this blog I told myself that I wouldn’t talk about specific relationships and focus on just the yoga aspect. But lately I have felt an overwhelming urge to write about the amazing influential men that I am so fortunate to have in my life. 753 more words

Review of Cult: LifeForce (1985)

Vampires have been portrayed countless different ways in film. From night club hopping, ecstasy fuelled beasts, to former African princes being turned in to vampires. Even regrettably, ones that sparkled in the day light. 654 more words



I have observed a common theme amoungst trainee Yogis as we partake in expanding our consciousness, this sense of being ‘alone’.
We had an amazing class today where we came together and spoke about how this Yoga journey is unraveling for all of us. 638 more words