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So simple, yet impossible 2 years ago

There’s a great new app for Android, which lets you take a picture and focus it later. Not sure how solid the pictures are, but it works by moving the camera while you’re taking a picture, which gives the camera two (or more) points, which determines depth the same way your two eyes do, which it then layers on top of the picture to determine which area of the photo you want to focus on. 19 more words


Open a can without a can opener

Gotta love the Crazy Russian Hacker. Christine brought the can opener to work and couldn’t find it and I remembered this trick to open cans without a can opener. 17 more words


Smart car?

This week I’ve been singing that song, ‘Oh, Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz,” in my head, and not from some weird nostalgia for pure folk country. 199 more words


30 Second Note Taking

Immediately after every lecture, meeting, or any significant experience, take 30 seconds — no more, no less — to write down the most important points.

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Cooking with K+C: Graphic Recipes for Design-Conscious Cooks

I have always loved to cook, but something was holding me back from really embracing the possibilities of what I could make in the kitchen.  I think part of it was a lack of confidence, and a misconception that I needed to be some kind of expert to make delicious and creative food.   670 more words


Don’t mistake hard problems for valuable problems

“People sometimes mistake hard problems (in the computer science sense) for valuable problems (in the business sense). Sometimes that venn diagram overlaps (like Google’s search algorithms).

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What I learned negotiating with Steve Jobs

Heidi Roizen talks about what she learned negotiating with Steve Jobs:

“Make it look like fifty percent,” he said.

“But I can’t afford to pay fifty percent!” I complained.

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