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No Note Paper? Use a Kindle...

Kids… Charlie couldn’t find a piece of paper to write down a phone number so she used… my Kindle. I NEVER would have thought of this, but this technology is so second-nature to kids…


Lifehacking- how to make a ringtone from Youtube video

I’ve recently finished a scifi script, created a beautiful bowtie necklace and made a ringtone. Making things is therapeutic and amazing. My new ringtone based on… 180 more words



I am a strange product of a digital world.

Ive grown up with the Internet, and thus unlimited access to really, anything i can want.  Art, Music, Movies.  393 more words


My $40 glasses just broke.

I got this pair of glasses for $40 a little over 3.5 years ago and it took them this long to break. That comes out to $11.50 per year. 252 more words


Want to be right more often?

 said people who were right a lot of the time were people who often changed their minds. He doesn’t think consistency of thought is a particularly positive trait.

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Some of my favorite items

There is a Japanese philosophy “Kaizen” which pertains to continuous improvement in all areas.  How can we have better health, work, income, relationships, etc.  A lot of this is continuously improving the small things in our life, and I like finding better options to things as trivial as hand soaps. 527 more words

What do you want at work?

Seth Godin had an interesting post today:

Some people want safety and respect. They want to know what the work rules are, they want a guarantee that the effort required is both predictable and rewarded.

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