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The Expert Newbie

This has been a rather complicated post to write. I still feel there are some flaws and that may sound somehow clumsy.  Yet, here it is : I have a problem with expertise. 1,243 more words


Do Not Return To Sender

In the midst of always trying to find an answer and experiment with finding real truth, I decided to create an environment where regardless of what I did for others, I didn’t expect anything in return or want credit. 534 more words


Why I Want a 3D Printer

I’m sort of a sucker for a product  that screams “New Possibilities!”.  This can be anything fires up my imagination, from Velcro shoes (“No more untied laces!” thought eight year old me) to my SMART car (“No more parallel parking!” thought thirty eight year old me).   409 more words


Escalators vs. elevators

Escalators are ready when you are and you can see progress happening the entire time.

Elevators are faster, but we get frustrated when we just miss one.

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Depression and the Start Up Culture

In light of recent conversations in social media and elsewhere about the tragic loss of Robin Williams, I thought this article might be timely.  Around start up culture, there’s a tendency to extreme highs and lows.   53 more words


The more afraid you are the more you go with what you know.

Often we find clients that have has the WORST experience with a web project are the ones who MOST want their next project to go the same as their last one, only more so. 165 more words


1.2 Billion Passwords stolen

So yeah, apparently some Russian hackers are estimated to have 1.2 BILLION email and password combinations. Some people dispute this number. Others don’t. Either way, if you’ve been putting off changing your passwords, now is probably the time. 95 more words