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"Lifeless War"

As the sun faints silently,

The night creeps in ever so violently.

My demons awaken with a ghastly scream,

I’m haunted and taunted with the death of my dreams. 391 more words


LIfeLess Dreams!

Dreams are lifeless maybe that is why they are called dreams…

I saw him when i was at the window seeing clouds outside..Waiting for me to go there and write his name on the humid glass…i went there and saw him clearly as opaque as his voice to me saying “come out and dance with me in the rain”.  271 more words

Material separation (sorrow for the rich, warning to those who would follow)

Material separation,

Errands, floor space, moving, arranging, buying, maintaining, shopping………………….soon the time of life is gone, and the opportunity to build the eternal interaction reality of love is also gone, as we race from object to object, thing to thing, physical chore to physical chore, all the while passing by each other over and over. 134 more words

The Precipice and Library of Life

Pushed to the edge of your life, you think you have no choice. Peering down into the dirt-brown maw of a life lived juicelessly, you presume you must step down and into the sleep-induced hole of living others’ expectations and your own stolid safety. 985 more words


130: Day 28 by Yadira

130: Day 28

1. I am grateful for my husband’s attention to detail. He always remembers the most minimal detail of the things I say. I can say that I’ve been craving something or would enjoy to do something in passing, and when I least expected, he is for filling my wants. 122 more words

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130: Day 27 by Yadira

130: Day 27

1. I am grateful for The occasional mornings in which I get to sleep in. My kids have always been extremely early risers, and so on the rare days that I get to stay in bed till 8:30 or even 9 o’clock,, I am beyond thrilled! 131 more words

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