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Come To Me

Come to me
In fields of glory
Where I lay lifeless
Before the dawn
That we may
Resurrect our love
Before the coming morn

©Cate Derham



It all began on a sunny day

The scorching sun blazing high like wild fire

The grasses drying out

Sweat beads forming on the necks of all… 569 more words


Boy in Blue; Girl in Black

The boy in blue always had the girl in red’s heart in his hands

While the boy in blue moved on & let go, he kept the girl in red’s heart in the palm of his hand… 204 more words

A paradox in a box

Is this life perfect or a paradox

Parallel to a tainted depiction of reality,

We can slumber away in dreams

But of course eventually

We all have to awake to some sort of reality. 208 more words



No need to waste your time on me, I’m sure there are others who will do great things if given the proper motivation. I feel like a battery that has been completely drained, my light gives off a little flicker so weak it goes un noticed. 73 more words


Blurred Lights

There it was, late afternoon 

A place in a city in a state,

Just like another place in another city in another state. 

Endless downfall of water, swivelling heaps of water, 126 more words

130: Day 2 bye yeah Deera

130: Day two of my gratitude challenge:
1. I am grateful for moments spent reading to my children. It is absolutely priceless to have your children sitting around you sharing in the wonder of storytelling and books. 183 more words