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Verses of life : DEPRESSION; MY FRIEND

It’s been, no one knows, how many years.

The same wearied out fake smile adorning my face

I try to master the art of faking smiles… 214 more words



Vines_5170 http://ift.tt/1uUvwfC Lifeless looking grape vines in the snow at Jackson-Triggs Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario


I know I made the decision.

I am taking all the responsibilities of my actions, but I never thought it would hurt so damn bad. 76 more words

Dead Pigeon and Motor

It’s your standard dead pigeon and motor photo.

I’m pretty sure it’s a motor.

I think that in a way this is interesting as, to me, now that they are lifeless, they have something in common. 10 more words


NaNoWriMo Boycot

For awhile now I’ve been asking myself what is the meaning in all of my writing. It seems as though all the ideas I have been brainstorming as of late are senseless, meaningless. 198 more words

Creative Writing

-To My Lovely Corpse

Lips locked unto the other side of you and I make love to the wraith of your smokey scent, like fingers clinging inside my esophagus burning every inch as it went….. 196 more words


"Lifeless War"

As the sun faints silently,

The night creeps in ever so violently.

My demons awaken with a ghastly scream,

I’m haunted and taunted with the death of my dreams. 391 more words