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She spends her days in a four walled cell
Dark and Grey
Stuffy and Stagnant
This is where she sleeps and dreams
This is where she cries for those… 73 more words

Grey days

There are days
that pass quietly,
unnoticed, uninspired,

Some days
are blending into
the endless drab
of monotony.

encounter days
when nothing is going on… 40 more words


What do I want that is any different then? Nothing

“What do I want that is any different then? Nothing. I don’t want anything and I don’t want anyone. I just want to watch the traffic passing below me in the Kurfürstendamm… 87 more words


She never cared
When her father came one day with gift
Of a man
What’s the point
We’re going to die one day
She never cared… 95 more words

Already Dead...

Can you hear them crying, can you feel there pain, can you see that the light in their eyes are no longer bright? Seeking for a way out day by day trying to get myself out the struggle. 543 more words


All Is So Still

All is so still -
The time, the world and me -
Stuck in the death-like silence
Of this moon-lit night

I delve again,
Into the abyss of the mind… 159 more words