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Zombies and Jesus.

Now that I think of it, zombies are not a far stretch for the imagination.  I am not referring to the creature of Haitian folklore, but rather the Hollywood depiction often referred to as, “The Walking Dead”: lifeless but still moving. 467 more words


I feel half today




The threads are coming off

They are pulled

From beneath and above

This transition will see no end… 11 more words



Survival, a basic human instinct, the desire to live on.  It is the core of life as life can exist in the most unimaginable places.  As humans we have figured out how to survive in situations where we are bombarded with radiation, with temperatures reaching absolute zero yet we persevere.   245 more words

Thirsty Hair Cure Mask

Simple blog post for a common problem. Is your hair dry from too much colouring and/or heat? Looking really dull, blah and lifeless? No shine? Do this. 53 more words

The Race Through

“Oga come down, abeg.”

“Officer what ting I do, na?” Johnny fired back in his imperfect broken English.

Taju watched as the drama played on from the opposite side of the road. 427 more words


The wind, sun and rain

O thou mighty wind,
Blow me away,
Whisper me love,
Let me dance and sway.

O thou mighty Sun,
Melt my mind,
Burn this heart of mine, 22 more words



I feel like I’m becoming lifeless. Or did I just never notice my life had no vigor or color?