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Star trek preservation 4.4

“Captain’s log the fronter has entered into a new realm. We have located our sister ship unfortunately we have come under attack by an unknown ship and are facing a bording party” 414 more words

Star Trek

The Purge

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
I stare at the clock.
People are dying outside my house
Some hide and tape their mouth
The trap’s been set and we’re the mice… 203 more words

Lifeless Planet- Review Time!

Lifeless Planet, at first glance, is a strange game without a niche. It’s short, beautiful, and the mechanics mostly involve walking. There is no combat, but there are instant death situations. 970 more words


Seeing the Lifeless

Today has marked another memorial stone in my career. I use the term “career” lightly because my heart is at home (another topic for another time). 371 more words

Random Thoughts


A great way to start a poem,
The dreary day consumed me.
It was a dreary moment of lucidity.
So dreary is the way of the heart. 76 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"

Keratin Treatments – Bethel’s Story

Frizzy, lifeless hair is the worst type of hair to deal with. Learn how a keratin treatment can bring your hair back to life and beauty. 202 more words


Self-harm is a tough addiction to break. I have been struggling for awhile now and it has not gotten easier.

Mercy Ministries, a 6 month free residential program, has been weighing on my heart and I desperately want to talk with someone who has been through it before. 69 more words