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slice of life: lifelong learner (snowflake edition)

 During lunch today, I got a text from my colleague asking if I could make snowflakes with my last period class.  No problem, right? I mean, the Winter Wonderland extravaganza is after school tomorrow, so the more snowflakes the better.   348 more words

From The Classroom

Winning With Principle (book review)

Not only did John Wooden win, and win, and win on the basketball court, he won off the basketball court too. Literally decades after he stopped coaching, his players still traced their off-the-court success to the principles Coach taught them, and they continued to seek out his wise counsel. 106 more words

#8 - Read all of the unread books on my bookshelf.

Moment of honesty: I don’t actually know if I’ve done this… or will ever do this… because I keep buying books :)

Nearly 3 years ago when I created this bloggie and made my sweet 101 in 1001 list, I was in my senior year of college and hadn’t picked up a book for pleasure since… middle school. 380 more words

As Told By Ginger

So What's This About?

It’s about learning.

More specifically, this blog is all about learning, as an adult, outside of a formal degree: self-learning, autodidactism, lifelong learning, etc.

I grew up loving school (at least, the learning part of it), the library, books, museums, educational videos–everything about learning, but after I graduated with my bachelor’s degree, the endless sources of education mostly evaporated. 103 more words


Calling All Bibliophiles: Wake County Libraries Annual Book Sale

By Kristy Stevenson

Calling all bibliophiles!

Want to get a really good deal on an amazing selection of reading material? The Book Sale and Festival of Reading… 296 more words

My Digital Tool to Continue Learning

ISTE Standard 5: Engage in professional growth and leadership

How will I effectively use digital tools and resources to continue my learning and model for my students as well as my peers that I am a lifelong learner? 486 more words


Twitter as a Teacher

ISTE5: Evidence of Participation in an Online Educational Community

I have attempted to use Twitter in the past as a source of social media but did not really see the point in it. 302 more words