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#EdCamp Learning

Today as I watch my son in his weekly para-dressage lesson, there are dedicated teachers in various cities, like Ottawa, taking part in EdCamp learning opportunities. 174 more words

Critical Thinking

Being Ako

Maybe it’s just me, but thinking how being a learner only depends on your attitude?  With a curious approach to life even reading your daily newspaper can become a learning experience, not to talk about diving into books, journals, databases, libraries… and wikipedia. 132 more words

What's a winner? (selected definitions from around the www)

Definition of a winner –

  • Someone who gives 100 percent of their effort in preparation for and during competition.
  • Someone that even though he has hardships in daily life does not get discouraged to the point of giving up, and perseveres to attain their goals.
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"Millionaire by Thirty: The Quickest Path to Early Financial Independence" Review & Reflections

For some reason, I didn’t publish this after I wrote it. Oh well!

Not gonna lie, I’m a little on edge about reading this book. So many financial experts are giving advice to young people about how to make it big early. 1,767 more words

Take a look around to help your customers

It’s tough for me to focus when my brain is swirling like a smoothie in a blender, but that’s what Technology Services World has done to me. 145 more words

An Extremely Beneficial Disease That You've Never Heard Of (because I made it up)

As you’re trudging through your college years, dragging your feet to slow the approach of your impending graduation date, every once and a while you’ll catch a temporary, yet powerful disease: … 866 more words

20-Something Problems