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Learning is Life's Adventure

Just a little Monday motivation for you :)

Learning is one of my ‘strengths’. I love it, need it and always want to be doing it in one way, shape or form. 87 more words

Personal Growth

Israel’s Kings & Prophets

I posted earlier that I am reading through my Archeological Study Bible in chronological order. In other words, I’m reading the books of the Bible not in the order they appear, but in order of the historic events they cover. 347 more words

Pleasure & Profit In Bible Study (book review)

Near the beginning of Pleasure & Profit In Bible Study, Dwight Moody states the purpose of his book: “We cannot overestimate the importance of a thorough familiarity with the Bible. 203 more words

Yi -- Er -- SAN!

     Upon exploring a “Wiki-How” (to count in Mandarin), I thought I would share my latest language endeavour, learning to say the numbers one – ten in  231 more words

Lifelong Learner

Characteristics of an Effective Educator

An effective educator is one who takes into account the needs of each student so that they can master the material or concept being taught. An effective educator doesn’t simply rely on one method of instruction, but is aware of many methods of teaching the lesson and employs various strategies for teaching based on the needs of the students. 230 more words

Effective Teacher

MOOCs and Teachers as Learners

Lifelong learner.  Every teacher is familiar with this phrase.  Someone somewhere might have even placed it in your school system’s objectives.  You might have used it on a resume. 409 more words

Ed Tech

Philosophy of Teaching

Preparing students for the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed during and after their educational career is a very rewarding experience for me to be a part of. 625 more words

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