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The crafter and the craft

One of the saddest things in the world is not seeing yourself and not liking what you see. It’s seeing who you are and realizing that you… 151 more words


Nov. 26, 2014


This morning as we waited for She Who Must Be Obeyed’s ride to town a group of bicyclists rode past out house. 79 more words


Ride along with me

I am a passenger on the road of life
and I travel in the backseat
where my input is not asked for, nor appreciated.

I ride along. 356 more words


Good thing that sign is there...

Question of the day… do we really need signs like this? Have we become, as a society, so ignorant of our own personal responsibility for common sense actions that we need signs to warn of us the most basic of issues? 27 more words

"The Dance"

This piece is meditation on this journey of life. It’s therefore also about death. The word ‘death’ is collaged onto his chin, and it’s a reminder that death can happen at any time. 253 more words

Life hurts, but it feels good too

The past…the experiences that we have had…things that have happened to us and actions that we have done… all are a part of who we are and what makes us the people we are. 720 more words

Midnight Letters by Topaz Winters

I would like to introduce to you, dear reader, a gifted young lady that I’ve followed since I began blogging.  Topaz Winters is a young novelist, singer, and song writer whose contributions to the world’s music, literature, and poetry is indicative of an ancient and wise soul.   477 more words