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The Ice Bucket Challenge

Day 29

I am grateful for charitable organisations

The Charitable Power of Social Media

I was watching a video of a friend of mine on Facebook the other day….and I am sure you can guess which challenge I found hilarious – there is video one-upmanship going on which I am loving.  372 more words


Identity Crisis: Lies from the Enemy

I’m continuing the identity series today with a post about how the enemy uses our lack of knowledge of who we are to spin a web of lies that ensnares us. 541 more words

Encouraging God's People

Voices from the past

Day 28

I am grateful for my heritage

Knowing my world

As a species, connection is a powerful driver.  We want to belong.  Know who we are connected to. 293 more words


Small voices, loud noise

Day 27

I am grateful for voices

The Asymmetrical Workplace

Yesterday’s post got me thinking about growing up and being a teen.    When I grew up, it wasn’t great to be a woman – in fact, I remember my late father telling me that it was ‘lovely’ that I had qualifications but it didn’t really matter as much as my brother’s. 305 more words


Ahhh It's happened!!


So I always knew this day was a possibility…my husband and I have had numerous talks about the “S” word.  


SCHOOL, that is! We talked about all the elements that contributed to a quality education for our youngins’. 591 more words


On Folding A Thousand Cranes

I have taken origami seriously…more accurately I have undertaken the challenge to fold 1000 cranes (千羽鶴, Senbazuru)  and make a wish. I have lots of wishes, but the most important one for me is good health. 590 more words

Just Live Well.Just Live.

Made to Love

This week’s Poetry Tuesday feature is Made to Love by Tobymac. I love the chorus and feel it goes along with my Identity Series that I will posting over the next couple weeks. 561 more words

Encouraging God's People