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If I had my life over again

The well known columnist Erma Bombeck once wrote: ‘If I had my life to live over, I would invite friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained. 136 more words

Life's Journey

Moving On

Perhaps because of the changing seasons, both within and without, I’ve been feeling the need to move on.  While visiting with some friends, I found out that we share this urge to look beyond our current circumstances.  929 more words


The Road Less Traveled

Robert Frost inspired this poem of mine as well as knowing that we each have our own path in life. Life is a journey and even though sometimes it can be difficult and lonely, we truly are never alone. 97 more words


I Don't

I don’t drive down those old dirt roads anymore.
I don’t drive down that old state highway that leads to your front door.

I don’t drive up and down the strip to see old friends. 179 more words

Lifes Journey

Amazing ~ Organ Donor Awareness Month

“And how high can you fly with broken wings? 
Life’s a journey not a destination 
And I just can’t tell just what tomorrow brings “ 51 more words

Heart Transplant


Leaving behind those unproductive things that we spend so much time and effort on can bring immense freedom.

That certainly includes our bad feelings. As we continue to grow spiritually and emotionally, the words “I feel” should become a memory since our feelings usually have very little to do with reality. 662 more words

One of Those Days...

You know those days…

It’s starts off the second you get out of bed. Well, almost get out of bed. The impending feeling no matter which foot hits the floor first, it’s going to be the wrong one. 782 more words