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Be Yourself

January 31 ,2015

We all live in a demanding world today.

  • There is so much expected of us.
  • Society judges us on what they think they see.
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Life's Journey

Numbered Days

A few years ago an Indian holy man nearly incited a riot by failing to die as foretold. He’d predicted that his soul would leave his body sometime on the morning of November 17, and fifteen thousand people showed up to watch it happen. 109 more words

Life's Journey

My Present Moments

My life is nothing more than the trail I have left behind.

what drives my life today is the energy that I generate

in my present moments.



The beautiful image of the ballerina portraying a swan not only represents an artistic connection of that in which we share the planet with but more importantly a spiritual one. 578 more words


Week 17 - MKMMA - All change this week

What an odd week for me. Scroll 4 of Og Mandino along with Chapter 17 of the Master Key has definitely put the cat amongst the pigeons! 317 more words



Sometimes in our lives being forced to see the truth of things versus what we want them to be, means removing the veil that has protected us from the real world, and not the one we created to cloud the ugly truth of our life’s circumstances. 486 more words



……January 24, 2015

The fruitful life needs showers as well as sunshine….It rained today.  An all-day, slow, steady rain.

  • God spoke through the rain.
  • It spoke of drought, of storms, of freshness, of beauty, of ugliness, of the future, and of human nature….my nature.
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Life's Journey