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Jumping Off Of Cliffs

I have a minor case of acrophobia (fear of heights). I realized this at the age of 10 when I was at a friend’s house on the 12th floor in Mumbai and was looking straight down. 438 more words


Criminalizing Christianity By Liberal William Saletan

They were always deadly serious about criminalizing Christianity and killing free speech, but now the American left has stopped pretending otherwise. In a recent column titled… 1,055 more words

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#1 way to be relaxed, carefree, and in command...

Stop Adding Mass to Your Misery

Thinking about whatever it is that you wish wasn’t happening serves only to add mass to your misery.

The more you think about the WRONGNESS of any given situation, the more alive and powerful the situation becomes in your mind and… 1,287 more words

Lifes Lessons

Those Brave Decisions Lead to Accountability and Value!!!

What does this mean?

We all represent the result of lessons learned from the various paths we’ve taken and or decisions we’ve made! The paths or decisions were not always clear or planned… 612 more words

High School Students

Dear Rowan Class of 2014:

I know these type of posts are cliche, but I feel this is necessary.

To those not part of the Rowan community, Rowan recently announced… 409 more words

Life's Lessons

Definition of modern

About 2 weeks ago, I was presented with this beautiful glittery white scarf as a gift from my chinese friends. I was surprised because this was my first time receiving a scarf as gift from non-muslim friends. 698 more words


5 things i learnt from the last movie I saw

The last movie which left me inspired was, Queen(hindi).

The only thought in my mind, when I left the hall was: Every girl needs to watch this movie. 308 more words