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Putting Back the Pieces (an article written on October 22, 2012)

It was six months ago, since I started to have that feeling – a feeling of self-worthlessness and insecurity. I was degraded. I felt not beautiful enough. 1,105 more words

Life's Lessons

Cycle of Life

There would be a time in everyone’s life where we are hurt, angry, frustrated and suffering from heartache because the person you like/loves/loved treated you badly or outright rejected you or chose someone else to love instead of you.. 239 more words


Throughout our lives..we make friends and lose them..it becomes a norm of life..they come..give us memories, experiences and lessons and they go..it depends during which stages of life you actually befriend people(teens, school yrs, campus life,late 20s etc)..during some early stages..they become your besties and stay for a very long time if not forever… 395 more words

GOOD samaritan

Ok..so uno when you stop having faith in people because of your past experiences..or when they let you down,lie and backbite..or when you realise they tend to use others and are not caring or genuine..after meeting a lot of people like them we start generalising that most people are bad..well..that’s not true. 171 more words


Watching the indian romantic movie jab tak hai jaan which is about the timing of love, togetherness and unrequited love..Makes me ponder..is there such a thing as true love? 257 more words

Armed with Feathers

Armed with Feathers

Posted on June 19, 2006by gramatrudy

Armed With Feathers

By Trudy A. Martinez

I came up pillow in hand. Resounding agitations arouse not only me but also my anger. 196 more words

Jounal Entry

I’ll be on Top!

I’ll be on Top

Posted on June 18, 2006by gramatrudy

I’ll Be On top

By Trudy A. Martinez

Half asleep my eyes open. A rolling motion startles and awakes me. 593 more words