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The People's River and the Gift of Time (U.B.C. - Day 23)

The Charles River snakes through the southern part of my town, approximately three-quarters of a mile from my front door. On the western side of the bridge is a small waterfall, the size of which belies the fury of the water tumbling over. 571 more words

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Artichoke Squares (U.B.C. - Day 17)

I reverse engineered this recipe from something I had at a Halloween party ten or so years ago.  It was my only option as I never could find out who had made them … a hazard of attending party at which the only people I knew were my sister and her friend.  138 more words

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Four questions. Okay, actually Five.

My friend Lynn, from over at Present Letters, has tagged me to answer four questions on my blog. About three weeks late, I’ll do that now :) … 500 more words

Life's Mystery

On Being Alone With My Husband (U.B.C. - Day 13)

Last night Ernie Hemingway and I had a free night. A night without children. The Boy was with my parents for a sleepover, and the youngest daughter was off visiting a friend in Boston and doing whatever it is young twenty-somethings do these days. 368 more words

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An ArtiPeeps Chat

Every Wednesday evening, Nicky Mortlock hosts #ArtiPeepsChat, a chat with creative types who are involved in the season’s work on the ArtiPeeps website. It was such a pleasure taking part in the chat two weeks ago, that I decided to share with you the entire conversation we had, since on Twitter I know it’ll disappear after a while. 1,615 more words

Life's Mystery

Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life!

I found the information I was seeking. If you are a follower of Shirl and You, you know that two weeks ago I wrote that I was looking for a song I had sung with my junior high chorus, “I Love Life.” I remembered being impressed  by the simple lyrics and have never forgotten them. 594 more words

"I Love Life"

Ultimate Blog Challenge - Day 1

Since the blogging goals I set for myself have been thrown so far off track by life, I decided to jump into April with both feet and join the… 584 more words

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