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Grow up, will you?

People keep telling me to grow up.
It baffles me that they do so. I am 40 years old, married, own a house (Well, part of it. 449 more words

What are we living for?

Legacy? Pshh whatever. When you are living your life now to be remembered when you’re dead, what does it matter? You’re not here to see it. 349 more words

Life's Questions

What if Money Were No Object--Is That The Right Question?

Yesterday I was reading this post by a acquaintance of mine who is a musician and speaker. It’s a good post, go check it out. The author of that post embeds this YouTube video, which is rather poignant and also rather short, so it’s well worth watching: 2,874 more words


How not to become bitter in your old age

I waited in the morning rush hour line at the local coffee shop.  My laptop was in one hand and my work bag in the other, while I searched around for my debit card.   453 more words


The body clock: A blessing or a curse?

On the first day of term after the summer holidays Twitter is full of tweets about how the summer holidays have resulted in a  ‘f***ed up body clock.’ 760 more words


What Does that Look Like?

I’ve heard for many years that you really don’t get to experience your dreams unless you can visualize them fully. Well, I’m an artist by nature so of have a very vivid imagination and my mind constantly draws pictures of things described during conversations. 524 more words

Personal Development

Why do we give things names that don't make any sense?

One thing I see probably more often than most (because unlike most I deliberately look for these kinds of things) is that some things are given names or titles that make little to no sense. 729 more words