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Lost and confused

I find myself at a crossroads once again. I have a job that I went to school for and am now in debt over to the tune of nearly $50,000. 960 more words



I severely dislike ants. However, I do respect them.

Especially with my mantra for the week: “BE”
Ants just ARE. They don’t know what day it is. 138 more words


sad funny son

for a dear friend… 

Isn’t life funny Funny, I mean oddly sad in ways that sneak up behind you in bright alleyways while lugging groceries out of TJs calculating the bottles of wine to food ratio First world problems, wine instead of water then whine about floors that do not come in cork color or was it burnt umber The dog ate a million biscuits again today Who the fuck cares they say, she is just hoarding, remembering life as a stray How can I worry about anything when she is wondering how to plan a newborn’s funeral when his brothers still lay in wait, tiny hearts matching fluttering beats of emerald hummingbird wings juxtaposed from ruby throats, color of spilt blood Do we pray to the son who gave us red wine Do we hail mary or toast an empty sky A wrong way sign, we turn glassy eyes to the third world haze  She would love the luxury to weep on trivial things Little hand holding the right one that blesses life away Lest we forget, dip bloody hands in holy waters, life blood, thirst quenching third world wells help save Hell, how can I justify breathing when her whole world, body and heart, has gone ripped open, part of her ancestral fabric taken away Too many deaths today justified as ‘his way’ Should they continue to tear children apart on main street Mean street is now found anywhere in this occupied universe where humanity has turned the wrong way Perhaps it is time to savor a simple moment, to save her or her and him or and The ands could go on forever, but we are too consumed with right now to hear I fear this small world may swallow us whole, a swan song plays, a million beating wings burst open the cloud Fly away home, dear one, we pray to hear your melody in the sun, a sad funny son… 102 more words


Short People

I’m short. Five foot one, to be exact. That makes me needy.

“Honey, could you get me that glass on the top shelf?”

“Mr. Store Stocker, could you please get me that two liter bottle of Diet Coke on the top shelf?” 416 more words

Christian Faith

Rubik's Cube

Have you ever thought of your life as a Rubik’s Cube? I have. Many times, in fact. When this image comes to mind it’s in a way funny because I’m comparing my life to a puzzle. 258 more words


And to Aunt Shirley I Leave My Blog

The Uniform Law Commission made a monumental decision this week.  It released information to the general public letting everyone know it exists and what it does.  592 more words


Finding balance

Lately I have been thinking a lot about finding balance in life. I realize this is a big topic of discussion and it is something that every human being is striving to achieve, whether we realize it or not. 1,978 more words