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You’re not sorry.

No one is sorry.

I have a laundry list of people who aren’t sorry.

My grandparents.
Extended family.
Even friends who stabbed me in the back. 83 more words

The Hard Stuff

Chains, Chains, Chains

I cannot let my weaknesses win. I will be free in solitude. I will be free of chains that falsely ground me. ¬†Free from the comfortable lie I’m nestled in. 49 more words

Creative Writing

The Question Of The Night!!

The question of the night is: Can one truly be comfortable with who they are, not knowing (or having never met) whom they come from? … 205 more words


Unfinished Painting

It was supposed to have been a masterpiece

like a Degas or a Renoir,

carefully crafted to live a life of its own

way beyond the life of its painter. 143 more words


$1 a Day

My 1st world problems . . . . .

What am I going to fix for dinner?

Should I have hubby bring dinner home?

Is it time to buy a new car? 292 more words

Life's Questions


This is the only new year where I feel change is in effect. I have never been more optimistic and I think its because I finally realize that nothing matters. 550 more words


Too much honesty??

As I said in my first post, I am a nurse. This profession allows me to see ALL sorts of personalities. This is not always a good thing. 282 more words

Life's Questions