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Finding the Good in Friday

Good Friday.

For the longest time, I did not understand how this particular Friday could be labeled as good.

To be beaten, flogged and scourged to nearly unrecognizable; 1,385 more words

My Story

Finding Hope in the Unexpected

What am I expecting?
Hoping for?
Looking for?
Longing for?

Two thousand years ago, they were hoping for a way out of oppression.
They were longing for freedoms. 687 more words

Finding Hope

Monday's Musings -- Nakedness, Noises & New Clothes

The trees still lay naked, clothed in their winter garb.

We just enjoyed an uncharacteristically warm spring weekend. It was one of those “get outside and do SOMETHING” kind of weekends where the sunshine, temperatures and blue skies beckoned and awakened the senses. 351 more words

Random Musings


Perhaps they ran from the home they knew
to a world outside beneath a sky big and blue

Perhaps they grew tired of such a predictable plot… 104 more words


Peanut Butter

 As I sat at the beach the other day, enjoying the sunset, uncharacteristic cool winds and watching planes fly overhead my mind inadvertently drifted off into a more philosophical realm. 327 more words


obra #? / titulo?

can one
be happy
really joyful?

realizing bliss is transitory

grief is omnipresent and seems permanent
oppression rules
over the land

must one be happy in fact? 12 more words

Crazy Horse

Love of Life

Inside me is a profound love
for life itself
Each breath I take reminds me
life is too short
Too brief compared to eternity

And what is eternity? 53 more words