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Rubik's Cube

Have you ever thought of your life as a Rubik’s Cube? I have. Many times, in fact. When this image comes to mind it’s in a way funny because I’m comparing my life to a puzzle. 258 more words


And to Aunt Shirley I Leave My Blog

The Uniform Law Commission made a monumental decision this week.  It released information to the general public letting everyone know it exists and what it does.  592 more words


Finding balance

Lately I have been thinking a lot about finding balance in life. I realize this is a big topic of discussion and it is something that every human being is striving to achieve, whether we realize it or not. 1,978 more words

A Tiny Question Of Dubious Importance

Today I stumbled over a little pebble on my road. I had gone this way many times before with senseless pride within the river of my peers, but never noticed as much as a tiny bump under my soles. 1,161 more words



My lack of posting hasn’t been from a lack of things to write about.  It’s been more a matter of not having the words to write all my thoughts, feelings and information about life right now.  180 more words


Greener Pastures

On my recent weekend getaway to Badlapur, not more than 70 kms from home, I got to thinking… the people there seemed so different even though they’re just outside the city, imagine what the ones who live in deep rural areas must be like… and then it hit me, we’re all humans and we all definitely have one thing in common … 302 more words

More things that make us go "Hmm"

These were some of the things overheard or read over the last week that made us go hmm. 

An article released by the Washington Post discussed the rise of non-dairy milk products.  643 more words

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