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Am I crazy? Or am I so sane that you just blew your mind?! Baywatch comes to Barcelona via Papalosphy.

No one wants to read anymore. Even looking at photos takes imagination, no matter how pretty Instagram makes their filters. But a video – the porn industry knew it all along. 187 more words


The traveller's friends

Dear reader,
you can take the following list of omniversal stain removers as useful information or try to see it as a modern poem (try harder!). 33 more words

Your eyes here, please

Let’s talk about lines. Lines are helpful compositional elements because they can guide the eyes into the shot (or help them along). Used properly, lines can add visual depth as well as keep your viewer focused on the image. 287 more words


Postpartum hair loss?? or just plain old I-pull-my-hair-back-too-much kinda hair loss?? Here's your miracle!

For most, if not all, of the moms out there, you know oh to well the experience of luscious, healthy hair during pregnancy. The lovely joy it can bring to a girl who has never had that kind of hair growth in her life! 518 more words

Blog 11- SO much Success

Another week, another blog!

This week has been particularly eventful, both with my own stuff and RemissionPossible.

Number 1 and probably MOST importantly is the fact Beatrice, awesome Beatrice…..IS IN REMISSION!!!! 659 more words

Em's Blogging.

Water power! Meet the LifeSaver, an instant water filter that makes filthy water drinkable!

We all know the importance of water in our lives.

According to the UN, “though the world met the MDG (millennium development goal) target for drinking-water, 768 million people do not use an improved source of drinking-water. 196 more words