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The sweet voice on the other end of the phone seemed so fragile, like a tiny teacup. I had been expecting her phone call. A couple of hours earlier a lady had called and shared a little bit of this girl’s story. 1,198 more words


I added two new lifesavers to my make-up!

My make-up lifesavers

I love looking good, like every other girl, and the best thing, is looking good without having to try hard! Thats why I love the easy fix-ups and the natural look so much, for every day things, and I find it gorgeous to be natural and good looking, and then go all out with my make-up to parties instead, the natural look just works for me! 164 more words




In critical condition
In need of intensive care
You appear
Out of nowhere…
Peeped the situation
Didn’t hesitate
To beat my heart
And give me… 90 more words

Billie Simone - Poetry

I asked God for the moon -- and He gave it to me

On a gorgeous sunny morning driving in to work one day, I was listening to the K-Love morning show where a woman was sharing her story of a HUGE burden in her life and how God answered her prayer in a big, BIG way.  411 more words


Mark's story

When Mark first came to the Millionair Club Charity, he made sure he was first in line outside our building to find a job.

Soon, Mark found himself working regular daily assignments through our jobs program. 130 more words


How To Start A Groovy Kick Ass Exercise Routine-Part 1

                                                  Top of Rendezvous Peak, Jackson, WY

Something that has been a lifesaver for me through all of life’s ups and downs has been exercise. I know some of you are groaning right now and thinking “no no no—not the E word!” Listen up people—the bottom line is you can’t be a groovy kick ass person if you don’t exercise. 782 more words