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Creating My First Logo Design for a Client

I got my first job of creating a logo design for a client during the Spring 2014 school semester. This wasn’t a real job that earned money, but it earned me a good grade and provided me with experience coming up with a product satisfactory to a client. 708 more words



As a philosopher (by that, i mean run a philosophy club once) I often ponder onĀ what is the world? What is life?

And thus, I present to you my grand theories: 331 more words

Lifesaver LSPFD Pre-Filter Disc (2-Pack)-- (Package Of 4)

Reviews Lifesaver LSPFD Pre-Filter Disc (2-Pack)– (Package Of 4) for sale

Please take a few moments to view the Lifesaver LSPFD Pre-Filter Disc (2-Pack)– (Package Of 4) 72 more words

Lifesaver 1: No buttermilk? No problem!

Here’s lifesaver number one: If you run out of buttermilk or dont even have it in your country or city like i don’t over here, here’s a recipe for a substitute: 20 more words



I just wanted to save you from deleting 14716481618 pictures tonight when you’re downloading IOS 8!

Apparently, the word on twitter is that if you download IOS 8 via iTunes, rather than downloading it through your phone doesn’t take up memory and it will save your social life.

You’re welcome!

Stay beautiful.


The Adventure

Wow ok! It has been 11 days since I wrote anything. Lets see where do begin! Oh yes, the 14er lol What an amazing hike. I was able to meet some new people they were from a different state.

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Random food post

So this is a random post, but it was to good not to share.

I try very hard to feed my family good food. But when you have 3 boys who eat like grown men and a husband. 134 more words