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School - English Livesaver

Hey there!

First of, let me just tell you that what I have found, and what I am going to share with you today, is a life saver. 183 more words


The Holy Rosary

“Give me an army saying the Rosary and I will conquer the world.”
-Saint Pope Pius IX-

#with respect to other religions #catholicfaith


Taking a Risk can pay off in a long run.

“Sometimes I feel the need to write a really long inspirational Instagram caption. This is definitely one of those times. This is the BB&T Center, the arena I grew up going to. 361 more words

Jake Miller

Creating My First Logo Design for a Client

I got my first job of creating a logo design for a client during the Spring 2014 school semester. This wasn’t a real job that earned money, but it earned me a good grade and provided me with experience coming up with a product satisfactory to a client. 708 more words



As a philosopher (by that, i mean run a philosophy club once) I often ponder onĀ what is the world? What is life?

And thus, I present to you my grand theories: 331 more words

Lifesaver 1: No buttermilk? No problem!

Here’s lifesaver number one: If you run out of buttermilk or dont even have it in your country or city like i don’t over here, here’s a recipe for a substitute: 20 more words