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The big day is finally here. After much preparation we are starting with Corporate Today, a cooperative blogging service for companies. We want to give you the possibility to post business news about your company and products WHEN you want and HOW you want.

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Card #0323

Card #0323′s journey began when Tiara Mehic found it in the Life Science Building. She writes:

Found card 0323 in a classroom in Life Science when I was having a really crummy day.

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Card Story

Sea anemone is genetically half animal, half plant

Evolutionary and developmental biologists have discovered that sea anemones display a genomic landscape with a complexity of regulatory elements similar to that of fruit flies or other animal model systems. 925 more words


Talking Neanderthals challenge the origins of speech

We humans like to think of ourselves as unique for many reasons, not least of which being our ability to communicate with words. But ground-breaking research by an expert from the University of New England shows that our ‘misunderstood cousins,’ the Neanderthals, may well have spoken in languages not dissimilar to the ones we use today. 415 more words