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I. Was. Wrong.

Last month I upgraded my internet speed to 12MBps from the 1.5MBps that I’ve had for the last seven years. Not surprisingly, I had to get a new modem. 465 more words


Laugh it Up

Laughter Yoga.
You are having a laugh, right?
I am inwardly groaning; silently seeking a wall to gently bang my head off.
I’m cynical about the widely smiling woman who takes the mic to talk to us about the Power of Laughter… an outright rejection of whatever she is going to say before she even says it – yeah yeah yeah. 933 more words

Bottle service Destroyed The Clubbing Experience!!!

In the words of the late Sam Cooke, “Its Been a long long time coming!” But i’m back reader, did you miss me??? of course you have been missing my blog post and the f&ckary that it delivers, I have to admit my self that I been missing the time, the effort and the creativity that it takes to deliver the f%ckary of the world to you on a daily basis. 654 more words



As many of you know my Grandmother, Betty Moore, known to us as Mur, passed away last Wednesday. She was 90 years old. She went peacefully, which was a blessing as she was battling cancer, and that can get nasty sometimes. 433 more words


10 Things

Since this is my 10th blog post I thought I’d share 10 things that I’ve learned about writing a blog.

1) Be Flexible: When I started this process I had all sorts of ideas about serious topics that I wanted to weigh in on. 519 more words


Towel Rant

Have you ever taken a bath or a shower? If you answered “no” then please go do so. Right now. Really. This post will still be here when you get back and it will make a lot more sense. 382 more words


Do You Know What Month It Is?

Earlier this week I joined Team Jack. If you don’t know what Team Jack is don’t worry, I’ll get there shortly. But first I want to share with you how I got there. 833 more words