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Referendum Reflections & Organisational Parallels

In a couple of days, Scotland will decide whether it remains as part of the UK or whether it becomes an Independent Country. One small sentence cannot capture the enormity of what is being discussed and decided. 1,382 more words


The Importance of Unlearning

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got” My Granny*

Take in

The premise of so much Change is about taking in new stuff. 382 more words


Learning Comes from Life

As I sit across the table from my dear friend B, after a gin that could sink the Titanic and seafood that makes me appreciate my tastebuds and Scottish shellfish, I realise just how alive this Learning thing is. 391 more words


"Nomophobia" The Newest Disease...And we ALL have it!

I was in church recently getting my usual Sunday spiritual healing on, when the Pastor mentioned something during his sermon that caught my attention. He said and i quote “people today suffer from a disease that we can’t win a fight against and that disease is called Nomophobia”. 667 more words


Learning Echoes

What goes around comes around.
I kind of do experience that.
The stuff I don’t deal with well first time returns to me until it is properly sorted – the life equivalent of faulty goods being returned until they are replaced with something fit-for-purpose that will last. 1,171 more words

Don't Fall for the Thirst Trap!!!

In todays day and age of society “selfies” rule the world of imagery, what’s a selfie you ask? Well unless you’ve been living under a Rock or inside of a cave for the past 10 years or so since cellphones became equipped with cameras. 344 more words


Preparing for a digital detox

Life is becoming a bit of a blur and I’m feeling the need for a digital detox, so I’ve decided that next weekend I will put away the iPhone, the Nook and all my other gadgets. 177 more words