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Paying attention to the good things in my life

I’ve been reading a lot about happiness recently. I’ve been reading the Embrace Happy blog and the Facebook page that goes with it, and that led me to the… 323 more words


HashTags, Likes, Selfies and Twerking Todays Social Media!

Here I go again!!!  I’m sorry readers i’ve been awol for a little while dealing with the usual F%ckary that life throws my way, but I always intended to get back and here and I am. 661 more words


Happy April Fool's Day!

It’s a prank, yes, but the best prank ever! This has so much feels!


Universe, hi: a wishlist

So here’s something I never thought would happen: I’m turning 21! That is, my 21st birthday is coming up on the 4th of April (hehe). It’s still about two weeks off (who knows, I might get run over by a bus or something) so until then let me console myself with the idea of possessing objects I would probably end up buying for myself in the coming months. 330 more words

Affairs Of Vanity

Midweek break: Clap along if you're happy

Citizens of Tacloban and environs sing and dance to Pharell’s “Happy”. Got this vid from a friend who posted it on Facebook, and I loved it so much decided to post it here as well. 112 more words

Dear Winter Go away! (Bye Felicia!)

Enough is enough! this winter has been nothing but one big mind f%ck filled with nothing but snow storms, rain, ice storms and oh wait more damn snow. 260 more words


For women everywhere — heck, for men, too!

Let’s celebrate us in all our quirky, wonderful and beautiful glory! Happy International Women’s Day. The  images below are from a series of watercolors called “Women Defined” by a brilliant artist named Jay. 48 more words