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Preparing for a digital detox

Life is becoming a bit of a blur and I’m feeling the need for a digital detox, so I’ve decided that next weekend I will put away the iPhone, the Nook and all my other gadgets. 148 more words


biarkan saja

Aku sudah mulai lelah, usahaku hampir pada titik jenuhnya, namun harapanku belum juga terwujud. Mungkin semua dosa-dosa itu belum sepenuhnya luruh. Atau justru semua usahaku ini penuh dosa? 26 more words

All I want to do is Ride home in peace! Is that too much to ask for?!

Every day around the same time (6pm to be exact) I clock out of work and proceed to do my happy dance out of the front door after what always (no matter what day of the week it may be) seems to be a long 8 hours of work.   655 more words


The Price of the Product has gone up! The F@ckary of Todays Inflation

I hate to begin a post with the following terms “Remember when” “Back in the Days” and my least Favorite “a long time ago”, for some reason those terms really make me feel old and also gives you the reader the impression that your old as well. 954 more words


Core Strength & Organisational Sit Ups

She firmly, yet not unkindly, pats her hand on my midriff as I try to “stand normal”. She is assessing my posture. It is unnerving. 942 more words

In Life, As In Teaching: Lesson Plans For Daily Living

For my parents, who both retire from a lifetime of teaching this year.

After thirteen years of teaching high school English in the city and… 1,510 more words

Thank you

I don’t know whether you mark the longest day, we do.  It coincides with our wedding anniversary.  Not by artifice, but by accident – like so much of my life.  293 more words