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Working Girl Wardrobe

I don’t like following the rules. As a child, I firmly believed that rules were made to be broken and pushed to their limits (my mother included). 564 more words


My Story

A new video blog on my old youtube channel.
1stphorm asked us to tell our story so here it is. It’s long, because, well, I have a lot to say (hence the whole blog thing)… 14 more words


The Skinny on Body Fat

I think this is a topic which seems basic enough, but is actually a lot more confusing than most people give credit.  The majority of adults want to lose “weight”, and while some can differentiate between losing fat mass vs. 739 more words


Weekly Wrap

My name is Lauren and it’s been 5 MONTH since my last Weekly Wrap. EEEEK! I have forgotten how, so bear with me here…  Would love to hear what has made your week, and what you’ve been clicking, reading, making and creating! 370 more words


and then, she was gone.

I am again having to bury another close family member, this time my aunt, after BEATING five separate cancers.

This is not the type of woman easily destroyed, in body or mind, simply because she’s given a less than desirable prognosis. 76 more words


Stretch Your Wings and Fly

It seems to me that this week you need some encouragement. Here we meet the soulful, nurturing, confident and sensuous Queen of Fire. An adept multitasker who blends her own brand of charm with irresistible independence. 339 more words