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Where have I been this month???

I would firstly like to apologize for the lack of posts this past month, I have been so busy with life! In the beginning of the month I went to the ‘it’ destination of 2014 where all the celebrities have recently been seen holidaying, which is the beautiful island of PHUKET!  70 more words


Tickets, please

Switzerland is a wonderful country. A wonderful, expensive country. Now I’ve never been one to hesitate much before spending money, but as I see the number on my bank account more quickly than slowly spiraling into a near bankrupt abyss, I am considering becoming a person who is, as they say, fiscally responsible. 118 more words


How To Get Motivated for Workouts!

Hey awesome people,

For today’s post I would like to address the terrible 1st world dilemma that is getting motivated for workouts. I’m pretty sure that we’ve all promised ourselves that we would start working out and getting fit (New Years Resolutions alert), only to end up not working out because we couldn’t be bothered getting out of bed and exercising. 605 more words


Drugs, Drags, and Intellectual Dregs: an Examination of Drug Prohibition

Note: article originally written and published in October 2012

Recently, Channel 4 in the UK broadcast a live documentary, called Drugs Live, where twenty-five people were given either 83g of medical-grade MDMA, or a sugar pill, and the effects on the brain were subsequently recorded using an MRI scanner, after this they were studied using other tests. 1,192 more words


Hell is a Silicon Cell: the Abhorrence of Offices

Note: article originally written and published in August 2012

I’ve often said, that I will do pretty much any type of work, as long as it doesn’t involve meaningless, dull, monotonous office work. 612 more words


Camping, Adventure and Nature

We all know that feeling when escape is imminent. You can feel it in the horizon just as you’ve been shackled down into workload. We didn’t want to come back to office, to hundreds of emails. 399 more words


Annabelle Stephenson GQ Girl of the Week

Flicking through the pages of luxury Mens magazine GQ you’re likely to find sophisticated sports talk, the latest it watch, a how to for beard and hair care, and women you simply must know, and right now no one is hotter than Aussie Actress and Model Annabelle Stephenson. 161 more words

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