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Ellen DeGeneres Is Giving Martha Stewart A Run For Her Money

Looks like these blonde babes are in competition.  E! News reports that Ellen Degeneres will be launching her own lifestyle brand called, E.D.

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Being Enchanted by L'Enchanteur L'ifestyle.

A big part of my starting this blog was so that I can have a space where I get to shamelessly plug my infinitely talented and dextrous compadres, like I always want to do (and DO when I remember to!) in real life; one of my life’s passion is finding people’s innate ability to succeed (ergo the natural inclination towards… 1,362 more words

Art Fart

Big things happening

My West coast Survival Pride Nation,
I’m very happy to announce we will be in Los Angeles Saturday, August 23 for the Bank Sale Expo. Give on hand access to the hottest new Survival Pride Clothing. 27 more words

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