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15 Times the Show Friends Made You Wish They Were Your Friends

Ten seasons. 236 episodes. Priceless humor. I’m pretty sure you know what show I’m talking about. 255 more words

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Why Soulstice Spa is the Go To Spa of 2014

Since my first experience of getting a massage back in 2007, I’ve always enjoyed going to the spa for a quick destressing after a long week of school. 452 more words

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Take a Step Back Before You “Put Away All Technology to Experience the World”

Kids go away to college. Friends move because of their parents’ careers. People get married and have kids and move to other towns, other states, other countries. 773 more words

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11 Reasons Why Coffee Is the Greatest Creation on Earth

In the midst of the holiday season, final exams, and the wintry weather, it is understandable why Facebook statuses, Twitter updates, and Instagram uploads all seem to be raving about the same thing: coffee. 289 more words

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The Huge Problem With Green Tea

In a world where aesthetics are top priority and body image has been scrutinized beyond limitations, it is a wonder to come across a diet that is actually healthy. 369 more words