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I am not here for you...

With a rise in sex crimes in 2013, amid the Jimmy Saville scandals, news detailing a lone male intruder into Portuguese holiday apartments, and this week a… 150 more words

1970's Parenting

Beholden to the boss

France, our perennial adversary, recently unveiled plans making it illegal to send work related emails to colleagues after the working day has finished. Yes, you heard me right – … 333 more words


Ballers, and the Women Who Love Them

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why boys like to call women “gold diggers” for wanting financial security in a relationship. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a Baller, and there’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t want to be a Baller. 823 more words

Dr. Raena

Working nine-to-five

For the first time in four years I have utterly, totally and completely abandoned Fealte & Rosebud. My place of respite and rejuvination. I screwed up: I went and got myself a fucking job. 406 more words