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Another Sunny Day in the Valley

Ok, so this is nothing unusual. With an average of over 300 days of sunshine per year in our aptly named Valley of the Sun, you’d think we might not even notice another sunny day. 307 more words

Bill Salvatore

My first Travel Post

This is how I see Finland…


After a while here in Oulu I decided to final post some pictures and say a bit about how everything feels till now .. 101 more words


Cartoons? No, it's Anime!

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn one of these..no, not cartoons..anime! I am still waiting for the next episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. Oh, the wait, indeed.  156 more words



Right I have finally decided to set days for when I am blogging. Starting from the 8th September I am going to be uploading two blogs a week. 183 more words

Adopting Our First Pups

Well, I never thought I would adopt a dog, let alone a Boxer. Their breed is one of the most rowdy and exercise oriented. Did I mention I hate exercising. 206 more words


The truth about Dairy Queen

I have been obsessed with Dairy Queen every since I was a little one.

Maybe it has something to do with my parents using it to bribe my siblings and I if we behaved. 938 more words


Early fall, not summer, is best time for exterior painting

I’m no paint guru. But I’m lucky that paint experts share their wisdom with me, so I can share tips and trend info with you. Did you know, for example, that early fall, not summer, is the best time for exterior painting? 738 more words