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2008: Politics and Economy in Montilla, Part l

            It is late July 2008. I am standing in the darkened street in front of Antonio Carpio’s house, captive to a nagging sense of anxiety. Armed with the issues that Juan has raised, I wonder if this meeting could turn somewhat confrontational. 830 more words

Cultural Anthropology

Top 5 things continued…continued

Number 3 bad hygiene habits… this should be by no real stretch of the imagination that guys with bad hygiene habits check in mid way through this list. 300 more words


Strange Day...

азвание поста полностью соответствует моему сегодняшнему дню. Мой день был, мягко говоря, странным, а если говорить более правдиво – не совсем удачным.
Началось все с того, что утром я неправильно приготовила омлет… Да, я знаю, что омлет – это самое легкое, что можно приготовить, после яичницы, но… Я добавила СЛИШКОМ много молока, и это было ужасно, нет, правда..


Demanding Lifestyles

A little about lifestyles

More often than not, our lifestyles determine our level of happiness and contentment. I for one has never found happiness without the need of social balance and bodily satisfaction. 1,026 more words


Just Published at Danny's Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo

Dear Family, Friends, Followers of The Other Shoe and

I just spent nearly two hours with a wonderfully hopeful and positive Oncologist. 470 more words

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Sadists & Masochists

Often, we are the sadists to the masochists within us.

Luis Samuel González


Geraniums On The Windowsill

Geraniums have been my favorite summer flower since I was just a kid, and red ones at that!  Perhaps  because they were my mother’s favorite garden color spot.   917 more words