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The Beautiful Experience

Just got home from a surprisingly exhausting recording session…took longer than I thought 2 complete, but it feels good 2 have it in the can…or on tape…or in the computer…however u choose 2 look at it. 278 more words


Whatever You Do, Don't Hold Your Breath

I went to the amazing Diana’s full moon meditation Monday night. The evening was warm and the wind chime’s tones were in concert with the blood moon energy. 411 more words


Born Again

Born Again
It’s all or nothing i swear , nothing in this life is fair
Stop asking if im aware, Stop asking me if I care… 416 more words


Nothing Worse

There’s nothing worse than realizing that everything u thought u were was false. That the way u envisioned urself was actually a far cry from what other people saw. 271 more words


Battle Field

Every time I sit down 2 write, I start 2 realize just how disconnected I am from life…the world even. My subject matter, my lack of diversity is apparent. 416 more words


Here's 2 new old experiences

So, I’ve recently been trying 2 get myself back in the habit of blogging & writing something other than music. It’s been an uphill battle tho. 155 more words


The Vikings Are Coming!


Ever since the first people sat around their campfires, we have told stories. People tell tales to explain events and to justify their actions. 356 more words