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Another Flower

Flowers #29

                       so we must stop dreaming with our eyes open                 and cast our lot with

                                                           muscle cars, with red balloons, with action heroes

                   the dreams must stop… 45 more words

NaPoWriMo Poetry Month April 2014

Medical Progress and Victorian Ideals in "Under Chloroform" and "Some Account of Chloroform"

By Sarah McIlmoyl

The Victorian Era was a period of immense expansion of knowledge. With the increased availability of periodicals, the average middle and working class person was able not only learn to read but also to keep up with the influential and the entertaining writings of that time. 1,349 more words

Student Entry

Arial Ligature: tty

li·ga·ture | ˈligəCHər,-ˌCHo͝or/

noun: a thing used for tying or binding something tightly.