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    If I could be reincarnated as an animal I would be a Liger. Reincarnation is the rebirth of something in another body.

A Liger is made when you breed a male tiger with a female lioness. 195 more words

Liger Zero Schnider

An oldie but a goodie model I made of Liger Zero Schnider.


Brian From Florida-Georgia Line Got A Tattoo Of A What??

If you were releasing a brand new album to follow up with your first unbelievable album that broke a bunch of records, what would you do to relax?  204 more words


Consider the Liger

Consider the liger –
ask yourself whoever could have forged
his fearful lack of symmetry.
Most likely it was a careless zookeeper
who thought all big cats… 192 more words


Why Can’t Birds Attend?

Lion looked at Cheetah. “We’re both carnivores,” he stated, “so let’s have a party!”

They gathered pink balloons and made oodles of blood sausage. Lion drew up the guest list and Cheetah mailed them out. 320 more words