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along...a path

from bare brush

along a mountain path–

the sound of frost



Haiku before Haiku

Steven Carter



Hmmm. I’m still enjoying my lie in.
The sun glow is giving me some warmth.
Is it time to wake up yet?



Bridges Quote # 274

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”


Diagonal composition. The repetitive pattern provides interest to the picture. The interplay of light and shadow attracts the eye.



A lady is watching me. I think she knows that I can see her.
She grins.

Ok. What does she wants from me?
Erm. Can anyone else see her other than me?
I’m puzzled.



There are all sorts of warnings and presentiments out there and here are a few which seem to go well together. The Shell station with the rhythmic warning barrels and the shadow hold a certain message as does the skid marks. 12 more words

Light And Shadows

Looking at the Parking Lot

The parking lot at Publix provides a bit of fun to the shopping adventure. I love the lines and shadows. I can also do selfies without having to shave or look highly groomed.

Common Objects


While I was travelling on Earth I saw this yesterday. I saw this little cone – looking defensive.

He was standing there – set up all these barriers, as if he doesn’t want to let other people/forces coming in. 48 more words