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A lady is watching me. I think she knows that I can see her.
She grins.

Ok. What does she wants from me?
Erm. Can anyone else see her other than me?
I’m puzzled.

Black And White Photography


There are all sorts of warnings and presentiments out there and here are a few which seem to go well together. The Shell station with the rhythmic warning barrels and the shadow hold a certain message as does the skid marks. 12 more words

Light And Shadows

Looking at the Parking Lot

The parking lot at Publix provides a bit of fun to the shopping adventure. I love the lines and shadows. I can also do selfies without having to shave or look highly groomed.

Common Objects


While I was travelling on Earth I saw this yesterday. What do you see here?

I see a person there. ┬áSet up all these barriers, as if s/he doesn’t want to let other people/forces/thoughts coming in. 128 more words

Black And White Photography


I am an INFJ Alien.
Everyday, I travel to Earth to make sense of the world.

Sometimes I have fear leaving my world behind to go to Earth. 89 more words

Black And White Photography


Every morning I see the bathroom curtains and they are constantly changing with the light playing on the folds and the subtle weave pattern .

Common Objects

Transgressions Group Edit Plan and Test Shots

We are scheduled to film this weekend so we don’t currently have the footage to create our Edit Plan, this is a basic draft plan we created which will be improved once we have shot the film. 239 more words

Documentary Production