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Get Underwhelmed

The content management industry is currently transitioning through a maelstrom of insane complexity. Where businesses are moving to customer facing channels to change and optimise what they do in order to win new customers, keep existing ones, and make them come back. 385 more words

Light Bulb Moments

In the Midst of Me

Why do I doubt You oh, Lord, when You have continuously proven Yourself to me?

Why do I doubt You oh, Lord, when You have told me that You have chosen me? 308 more words


Create Something Every Day Challenge: Day 7

What if you have your very own, customized, tailor-fitted life manual made especially for you, by YOU!


Me too!

Can you imagine how fantastic that idea is? 537 more words


Yoga: Day 1

Ouuuuuuuch! That hurts!

It feels like whole body is so painful. So painful, I just wanna lie down and sleep. No alarm clock please!

A few weeks ago, my friend asked me to attend a Yoga class with her. 1,029 more words


Blame It to the Quotes

At 27, I’d say I’ve been through a lot in my life. Some of my friends say I’ve been through circumstances that I shouldn’t have been through at a very young age. 719 more words


Reflection: Don't Judge

We hear this all the time but we seldom practice it. This is very basic but we tend to forget about it all the time. We don’t want to become a victim of it but we continue to do it to other people. 1,158 more words