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Zucchini Noodles (Zoodles) with Lemon-Garlic Spicy Shrimp

ZOODLES! Zucchini Noodles are my new favorite substitute for pasta. All you need is a vegetable spiralizer. Click the link to buy an easy handheld vegetable spiral… 251 more words

Vogue And Vegetables


Hey Healthy Eater,

I must admit – I have the most awful habit of never following the recipes as for some reason I always have to change the ingredients and I always seek for the most simple way of cooking. 267 more words


Saturday Morning Brunch : Potato Egg Frittata (Batata wa Beid)

We make frittatas for a brunch or light dinner often. Potato Egg Frittata in particular is one of my husband’s comfort foods, so it is one that we make most often. 200 more words

Scrambled Eggs Salad

For this meal the quantities of the ingredients are really down to your preference and how hungry you are! The secret to the flavour is in the salad dressing. 113 more words


Open Face Steak and Radish Sliders

I know that I’ve mentioned this before, but I cannot bake to save my life. Ask me to prepare a seven-course meal, and I can do that without blinking an eye…but ask me to bring dessert, and that puts me into full panic mode. 1,024 more words

Bang Bang Chicken Salad

 Bang Bang chicken. Because of the bang bang flavour obviously. This salad is not your ordinary salad, it packs a punch! However it is still deliciously light and fresh. 275 more words


Delicious chicken breast with tomato sauce

So you will need for this tasty and guilty free chicken breast:

1 chicken breast

2-3 leaves of basilic

2 tomatoes

1/4 of pepper

a little of bit garlic… 130 more words