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Charlieplexed 4x4 Matrix w/Attiny85

Between the light show and EERef, I haven’t had any time to really think about how to use these Attiny85′s I recently bought. After some image searching for inspiration, I settled on a 4×4 matrix using the charlieplexing technique. 180 more words



If you’re reading these sentences, you’re already behind the eight ball when it comes to your winter – haven’t you been reading the reports? It’s nuking all over ski and snowboard country, and you’re still shopping for your winter kit. 2,431 more words


Light duties

E and I live in a rather large detached house that was built in 1877. When people ask about our house I tell them that it isn’t that large but we’ve already lost three butlers and four maids who seemingly have gotten lost in the place. 491 more words


And so it begins... Light Show #5!

First thing’s first: The Arduino Light Show project now has its own webpage. It has all of the updated information on the project, including a reorganization of the version numbers. 329 more words


New Samsung connected LED bulbs can brighten your smart home

Make room for another connected light bulb vendor: Samsung is moving in. The company announced a new line of LED bulbs on Thursday that will launch at next week’s Light + Building 2014 trade show in Frankfurt. 248 more words


The Box project, completed!

With the Box project, or temperature/humidity monitor (part 2, I guess), sitting on a breadboard for some time, I dedicated all of today of transferring it all into the final box. 358 more words


µ-Wire - USB on an ATtiny 10

Atmels AVR ATtiny10 are surprisingly powerful devices that come in an extremely tiny SOT23 package with only 6 pins. The have 1kb of flash, 32 bytes of SRAM and use the reduced AVR core which only supports 16 instead of 32 register. 877 more words