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I has had a baf (warning contains shower scenes)


Me and babybruv  had a baf at da weekend as my fwends know I always getting into twuble fur walkin in da shower wen da humuns is in there cos I luvs da warm water but they tells me tis wude n gwanma even locks bafroom door wen she visits cos she says I makes her jump wen she turns round in da shower n I is sittin there. 447 more words

Seeking Trust,

This week, I want to tell you a little about why I now have trust issues.

Here’s the story:

Last Friday my sister wanted to try spray tanning since our older sister’s wedding is in a month. 591 more words

I found it funny

I had this dream last night,
it really did surprise me,
not only was it unexpected,
I really found it funny.

In my dream I had a boyfriend, 156 more words


Necessities we hate buying

Buying things we want is easy because we want them in our lives. We are willing to pay money for them because they make us happy, make us look good and make us feel good. 699 more words


LMAO Monday!

Today’s contribution is from my dear dear friend BB!…Thank you BB for all the most wonderful enriching (friendship) contributions to my life, I’m filled with gratitude!!! 62 more words

The Boy That Cried Wolf

I’ve heard of people with funny traits
like the girl with twenty toes
or the man who dances with 30kg weights
with a tongue that can touch his nose. 123 more words

Light Hearted


The Apostle Paul made tents. The Apostle Peter was a fisherman. There are not many of God’s people who inhabit glorious occupations. And those who do are often assailed with temptation and corruption. 469 more words