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Humor: The Final Boss Of The Internet – Part 2

See my previous post Humor: The Final Boss Of The Internet – Part 1.

The young warrior you just faced has tested your physical attributes as never before, and barely, you were able to defeat him. 95 more words


Humor: The Final Boss Of The Internet - Part 1

(This is going to be an ongoing series. Maybe every ten posts or so I’ll put up something similar. I don’t know, I just find this whole idea of people trying to come up with a Final Boss Of The Internet to be hilarious.) 46 more words


Humor: Bold Guy Vs Parkour Girl

This is witty and cute, with good dialogue and production. Check it out!

Title: Bold Guy vs Parkour Girl (YT link) Uploaded by MattHossZone.

The Lighter Side

Something to shoot for

A personal low
is only temporary;
you can go lower.


Music: Ganga Style by Don Cheto (Gangnam Parody)

It’s in Spanish, but it has 44 million views, and besides, it’s more about the visuals. You have to at least watch until the elevator scene. 21 more words


Humor: Big Horn Sheep Vs Man With Cell Phone

This is hilarious. From the background music, to the way this dude antagonizes the ram.

Title: Big Horned Sheap AKA “My Ram VRs Cell Phone with Human Behind it!!” ( 6 more words


Humor: Gollum Sings 'A Precious That We Used To Know'

I’m starting off today’s posts with some humor, because I need it! All this bad news tends to drag my ass. Anyway, this is I James Walters doing his impression of Gollum. 16 more words