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Epic Fails - Ice Bucket Challenge

For all you new people, I do take comedy or music breaks every handful of posts, to get away from the usual doom and gloom, and some of the other serious subjects I research. 46 more words


Steven Spielberg, Dinosaurs, And Stupid Americans

We’re at an all time low here, people. If you had any doubt that we’re headed for another Dark Age, here it is. (For another prime example, see my post… 202 more words


North Korea Confirms It Has Landed A Man On The Sun

Obviously, this is BS. What I found strange is that this story first appeared on the techie site Tweak Town, under it’s Breaking News category. After scanning through that section, I’m seeing a lot of legit news stores, so what gives? 193 more words


Russian Police Choir Covers Daft Punk's Get Lucky

Here’s what cops in a non-militarized police state nation are up to. According to the notes on Youtube, this is the Russian Police Choir performing for the Russian Interior Ministry in a concert at the Kremlin. 44 more words


Review - Small Medium at Large by Joanne Levy

Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Middle Grade

Review: 3 of 5 Stars

Fun and light but also a bit unrealistic. Human nature being what it is, I found it hard to believe that everyone was so accepting of Lilah’s abilities and that being able to hear ghosts was so much fun for her. 139 more words

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How To Find The Perfect Girlfriend Or Wife

This is a comedy break. Enjoy.

Full title: Wife Zone Chart – Find A Girlfriend Or Pick The Perfect Wife (YT link) Uploaded by LOL… Seriously… !!!… ??? 89 more words