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The Storyteller

What is it that appeals or repels in a story?  What drives it?  What do we take away from it?

I love a well told story.  714 more words

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What gives Politics a bad name?

One day, while I was a little kid, I heard my mother using the word ‘omnipresent’ while offering prayers to the Hindu deity Lord Krishna and I remember asking her what it meant. 550 more words

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Trailers......You Lost Me at Please!

It has been absolutely beautiful weather wise here in Vancouver!  Summer has settled in quite nicely and the temperature is rising.

Nights are spent with a sheet covering me at most.   1,201 more words

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Rat Race

There was once a rat who was running.

A fellow rat saw him. His eyes; innocent and cunning.

He shouted. “Hey! My man. Where are you running to?” 345 more words

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Kids Tid-bits! (#1)

It’s Tuesday and I feel like I have lived a month in one week. Not to worry – I have some inspiration back. Quite unexpectedly a comment on another blog turned into a catalyst for my new regular posting topic – Kids Tid-bits! 819 more words

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What's Goin' On?

All the pretty flowers!

The sleep thing is beginning to square off.  I am making it a point to not look at the clock should I waken and to just keep my eyes closed unless of course I need to use the facilities or take a sip of water. 368 more words

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