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New album - I'm Just Like You: Sly's Stone Flower 1969-1970

In 1970 Sly Stone has formed his own label “Stone Flower” that was promoting new progressive minimal electro-funk sound unfolded over just four seven-inch singles. “Stone Flower’s” releases performed by individual artists, but each had Sly’s design and musicianship stamped into the grooves–and the words “Written by Sylvester Stewart/Produced and arranged by Sly Stone” on the sticker.  150 more words

A Treat For Funk Fans: Sly Releases 'Stone Flower' Compilation With Light In The Attic

In 1970, The Family Stone were at the peak of their popularity, but the maestro Sly Stone had already moved his head to a completely different space. 426 more words

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