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crispy calamari with homemade aioli

:: It was about time I ticked off another item from my ‘too difficult and irrationally scary’ list –


I have a vague memory of attempting this years ago but after ending up with a thin, split, oily mess, I threw the whole lot in the bin and have relied on Zoosh or Simon Johnson for all my mayonnaise needs since. 430 more words


Buttery Chilli, Lime Barbecued Sweet Corn

Buttery chilli, lime barbecued sweet corn, all in squeezed in the one sentence… sounds like heaven right? It is, trust me. Gather your friends, dust off your BBQ’s, refill your gas bottles (or buy sufficient coals), ice the beers and prepare to feast. 266 more words

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Roasted Garlic Hummus

 No real story with this one…I like Hummus and that is a good reason to share a favorite recipe. Enjoy!!


Saag paneer

Whenever I go to a new Indian restaurant I always try the tandoori chicken, garlic naan and saag paneer (or palak paneer). These are my benchmarking dishes and I am not ashamed to say my taste for Indian food is not much more complicated than these dishes. 577 more words




Eggs are such a versatile food and they’re so cheap and easy to cook that I thought I would dedicate a whole post just to them.

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Grilled beetroot salad with pumpkin seed pesto and goats milk yogurt dressing

Making a salad can often feel like a slapdash affair; a few fresh ingredients quickly tossed together, fast food at its healthy best. So it was nice to spend a little extra time over the weekend to make this salad, packed with the sort of sweet, earthy flavours that I start to crave when the autumn comes. 613 more words

Light Meals

Rye toast for lunch

Rye toast is perfect for lunch. I love it and I can’t get enough of it. It is a healthy lunch and a very filling one. 81 more words

Light Meals