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Eggs are such a versatile food and they’re so cheap and easy to cook that I thought I would dedicate a whole post just to them.

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Grilled beetroot salad with pumpkin seed pesto and goats milk yogurt dressing

Making a salad can often feel like a slapdash affair; a few fresh ingredients quickly tossed together, fast food at its healthy best. So it was nice to spend a little extra time over the weekend to make this salad, packed with the sort of sweet, earthy flavours that I start to crave when the autumn comes. 613 more words

Light Meals

Rye toast for lunch

Rye toast is perfect for lunch. I love it and I can’t get enough of it. It is a healthy lunch and a very filling one. 81 more words

Light Meals

Banana Pancakes

I have had plenty of firsts with my love for cooking, baking and food. These pancakes are my first ever attempt at making them and I’m delighted with the result indeed. 82 more words

Light Meals

Lighter version of pasta carbonara

Pasta Carbonara with asparagus, pancetta and pecorino

This is a lighter, healthier version of carbonara – no cream. Great for a spring dinner, with in-season asparagus and bright colours. 156 more words

Light Meals

Garden Salad

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This meal cost me: €2.55(ish) My vegetables last me around 5 days so I’ve worked out how much a daily portion of each cost me and added it all up. 596 more words


Garlic & Parsley Yogurt Dip or Raita!

Another of those busy morning days when I come back home hungry for lunch, almost famished and want to eat the whole world. I am missing my gym and I am not liking it. 258 more words