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He's learning the power of the Dark Side

“You don’t know the power of the Dark Side.”

My wife and I sat on the sofa the other night with the baby monitor between us, listening to our three-year-old son repeat this over and over again before drifting off to sleep. 380 more words


::: Star Wars Featurette: The Birth of the Lightsaber :::

Pretty cool…

I love these old sound design related interviews…


::: IF :::


Just finished watching Clone Wars on netflix

Just finished re-watching and watching the missing last scenes of Star Wars Clone Wars season 5 and I must say it was getting pretty good, shame it was cancelled before it finished it’s arc. 97 more words

My Science Riddle

I couldn’t sleep one night and was reading about plasma. I am a star wars fan and got to thinking and reading about plasma technology and saber design so I compiled a riddle. 18 more words


May The Force-- free lightsaber pattern

It is rare to get a new pattern right on the first try! But always fun. Sci-fi fan that I am, albeit a closet one, when I saw the crocheted light-saber online last week, I knew I had to have a go at THAT! 371 more words


A Jere-To: Turn Your Kid Into A Super Hero

This dad got crafty on the computer and made a normal trip to Target a moment to remember.

Look out for the sequel to this one, “Return To The Toy Aisle.”


Yoda & Darth Vader Discuss Noah, The Movie

Once again, I’m proud to introduce, all the way from the planet Dagobah,  movie critic extraordinaire and Jedi Master, Yoda with his very special guest, The Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader. 575 more words

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