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Homeward by Night 7 beginning: Mine and Mathilde's

VII. Mine and Mathilde’s


Clay and Rachel had a smoke in the lee of the cliff, then got back into Clay’s Ghost and made love with the hatch open, then napped together, then woke and kissed and talked softly to each other, and then they got themselves up out of the fighter in the evening sun. 888 more words


Homeward by Night 6 continued: Walking in Katmandu


It was night when Clay and Rachel came down over the peaks, which still kept their shrunken snow masses, and dropped from the sky toward a city at a nexus of little rivers. 879 more words


Jim Al-Khalili Quote

“The lesson here then is that you can travel as far as you like across the Universe in as little time as you like, in under light speed. 31 more words


Homeward by Night 6 continued: Phagocytes on the beach


The little colony on the 500-km stony ball of Vesta, an improbable success until just recently, now consisted only of burst bubbles and dead hydroponics. 1,107 more words


Homeward by Night 6 continued: That leaves landing


The two fighters chose to aim straight for the colossal and colorful belly of the King of Planets. They turned to the right to pull alongside Callisto, and they followed the big black ice moon around Jupiter. 854 more words


Homeward by Night 6 continued: Let's visit Earth


Rachel lapsed into a long silence, which Clay joined in on wholeheartedly. They coasted in through the distant realm of Sedna and Montanus, on their eccentric, deci-millennial orbits, and began to close on Eris and Pluto. 894 more words


Homeward by Night 6 beginning: There goes the neighborhood

VI. There Goes the Neighborhood


After a minute, Rachel and Clay settled down in their response to what lay before them. Rachel said, “So. What exactly the hell are those bleepin’ things?” 782 more words