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You Are a Soul:

It’s funny the things and beliefs that we adopt without even realizing it.

As you may or may not know, God delivered me from homosexuality. When I first gave my life to Christ I was honestly heartbroken, because I thought about all of the sweet (undelivered) souls that I would be leaving behind; the souls that would disappear from my life because I had given my life to Him. 998 more words


Bastille in Blue

That’s why I’ll always travel with someone – I don’t enjoy it as much alone! No such thing as three’s-a-crowd in my world.

Posted for Photography 101 – Treasure #photo101… 127 more words


Wherever there is light there is hope!

Wherever there is light, there is hope!

Even on the darkest of days

When the shadows cast their ugly spell.

Even in the rain fill hours and the blood spilled days, 251 more words


Tongue at Fault

The reach of a tongue’s
unkind words
knows no limits.
Speak only with kindness
or keep your tongue still.


Now we glow


After (about 7:30 this morning):

IB came over this weekend to help put together sheets of Haruki paper to cover our dining room windows. He actually knew how to handle this project from his experience working with… 198 more words