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Sign of the times…

I discovered some great Lambretta signage over on ebay, all of which would look wonderful on the wall of your garage, workshop, or even living room, depending on how accommodating your other half is to your Lambretta obsession.  100 more words

For Sale

New Gadget

Well, it’s not that new, since we all know the iPhone 6 is coming out soon, but I just got my iPhone 5s before I left for England.   77 more words


Inside the Tower of David, the World's Tallest Squat

For 20 years, the Centro Financiero Confinanzas skyscraper in downtown Caracas, Venezuela, remained unfinished. Known as the Tower of David, it became the world’s tallest squat when around 3000 people elected residence. 684 more words

Out There

clareeileen reblogged this on Paper Pills and commented:

I had to reblog this because it has everything to do with the current dissertation chapter I'm writing on abandoned publics! I'm very excited about Cegarra's project. In addition to the NYT article below, you can find the images here. The main problem I have with this article, following a discussion I had with my friend Abby Seeskin, is that it makes no mention of how these squatters feel about being relocated by the state. It takes for granted that this relocation is an inherent good. I'm not trying to overlook the fact that the people living in the Tower of David had no running water, but I'm thinking, for example, of the way such relocation is portrayed in Beasts of the Southern Wild as devaluing and destructive of the life that takes place in impoverished spaces.

Lightbox D.I.Y

I’m supposed to take product photos despite being the amateur photographer that I am (noob) . First and foremost, I’ll just explain in layman terms what is a Lightbox and what it’s used for. 363 more words


Lightbox in progression

Sometime ago I posted about a lightbox for photographing jewellery and other small items.

I’m almost there. The only problem is the fabric I need for the inside. 120 more words


Telecom TV fuels channel battle - Business

Telecom’s internet television venture, Lightbox, was launched in beta (testing) mode yesterday, offering a raft of high-profile on-demand shows for $15 a month. Due to have 5000 hours of fully operational content by the month’s end, Lightbox gives “all you can eat” access to its content on up to five devices and named hit shows Arrested Development, Outlander and 24 – The TV Show among its “exclusive” offerings. 38 more words

Web Tv

Cross Stitching - Kitty Litter WIP 3

Lots of pictures will be in this post ^_^.

I got the basket outline done on Kitty Litter.

Ugh, to the hoop mark still. I’ll forever be haunted by how dirty this one has become. 431 more words

Cross Stitch