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Love Letter to a Nation - Winter

Dear Canada,

Summer is easy. What’s not to love about you in summer? Character, however, is only built and revealed in adversity. So anyone wanting to know you, anyone wanting to know us, has to know winter. 1,206 more words


Spotlight on: Special Stage Audio - Space Age Cakes

“We’re just looking into the crevices for interesting discoveries”, says Erra (Luke), one of the co-creators of Special Stage Audio, and it’s an approach that’s lead to the Nottingham based label finding genuine instrumental gems from places ranging from Sydney to London. 574 more words

Grime Instrumental


We’re going back! Adult field trip time! Vegas!

The year was 2008. Spring Break. Vegas virgins. We were ready; or so we thought. We booked the cheapest flights we could. 1,364 more words

Cup of Tea and For Sale Signs

i left a job once
north of
not Steele.

all day ‘Too Much To Lose’

played on the stereo
the arena
into the paddocks… 77 more words


Thinkn' how Lightfoot could sing some hippy dippy trippy songs ......


just give me the toes


just highlight the leg


sing-reading a line of sensitivity
still coming off as a

butterfly… 28 more words


Witherington Discovers Lightfoot's Acts Commentary

One of the greatest pleasures of my burgeoning academic career has been to study, during masters work, with Ben Witherington, after which I served as his T.A. 216 more words

Keith Jagger