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Danielle… A Test Shoot...

These images are from a test shoot with Danielle, back in December. I found Danielle through her friend Charlotte who I had shot a few weeks before this. 174 more words

How my assignment photos were taken

The photo below was taken by using an inexpensive lightbox that I have created. Here are some step by step directions that I found useful: 450 more words

Assignment 4

Assignment 4

Assignment 4:

Applying lighting techniques

Prepared by: Theodora Grivopoulou, 512340

Photography 1: The Art of Photography

April 07, 2014


The objective of this assignment is to use lighting to bring out particular physical properties of the same object. 765 more words


Portraits: Natural and Flash

The Photographer’s best tool is light. It is used to mold, define, describe and set the mood of a portrait, so knowing how to recognize the light or control it, is of ultimate importance to the artist. 515 more words


Film Noir - Telling a Story with Light

Books use words to set the scene, convey emotions, introduce characters and tell a story. The reader uses their imagination and minds eye to create a visual picture from the author’s descriptive words. 294 more words