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Princesses Need Good Lighting

The Golden Nugget
Atlantic City, NJ
Hotel with the best bathroom lighting for make up. Not like anyone cares.. but I was excited!

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Implementing 2.5D culling for tiled deferred rendering (in OpenCL)


In this post I’ll cover how to add 2.5D light culling to an existing tile based deferred shading solution in OpenCL.


2.5D light culling is a method for improving tiled deferred shading performance (when parts of the scene are overlapping) by dividing up the depth interval into several parts. 672 more words

Amscope LED-144A-YK 144 LED Lighting-Direction-Adjustable Microscope Ring Light with Adapter for Stereo Microscopes

This is a 144-LED intensity & direction adjustable ring light with mounting size up to 2-1/2″ (64mm) in diameter. The light ring is consisted of 4 individual portions that can be turned on/off separately. 101 more words

Outdoor Lighting Indianapolis – How Can You Beautify Your Landscape With Lights?

Landscape designers can help you with outdoor lighting in Indianapolis to extend the hours of outdoor viewing and enjoyment. They can provide you with a safe passage & transition into outdoor area. 254 more words




The traditional idea of urban public lighting is based on a double approach: on one side, economical savings and technical performances based on quantitative data, on the other side, the creative contribution of lighting practitioners focuses on enhancing urban amenity and strengthening the night-time experience of the city. 1,197 more words


Lighting Up Your Park With Llum Constructed-In Lighting Garden

Residence &gt Garden Tips, Lighting, Lamps designs &gt Lighting Up Your Park with Llum Constructed-In Lighting Backyard

Green Llum Built In Lighting Backyard Pots… 28 more words