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Tips and Tricks - Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom tutorial showing you how to reveal more texture and detail by selectively increasing midtone contrast using the Clarity slider.


Here and there.

I’ve got the travel bug again lately, but those plans will need to be on hold for a little while. In the meantime, I’ve finally updated some of my portfolio:  Yellowstone photos are now up… 107 more words


Pre Modern Kitchen

This outdoor kitchen that I found in Acapulco signifies endurance in so many ways.  Tolerance of the smoke in your eyes.  Patience as you attempted to control the cooking heat.   176 more words


As an autumn day fades into night...

Even though the sun was shining, the wind today was brisk and the waves were crashing into the shore as we stood by coast in Kent… and it reminded me that it won’t be long before summer finally fades and autumn is upon us.   101 more words


Cliftonville Bay

Last night we decided to go to Kingsgate Bay at low tide to photograph the white cliff faces… however our plans did not go smoothly… it started to rain.   182 more words


A New Sheet and a Sharp Pencil

I have been using Blogger as host for my blog Visual Norway since 2006. It has been an interesting experience, but also one that has added some grey hairs to the very many I already have. 117 more words

Canon 7D

I need an intervention! Nagasaki and Photoshop

I bought instant coffee.

I remember that first hit off my Nikon bong. I thought I could handle it — I really did, but before long I was in for a major headtrip in… 263 more words