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Day Nine

I just wrote an incredibly profound blog that did not saveā€¦

I think I’ll give up for tonight since all of my beautiful thoughts just got erased and I am almost out of Riesling. 321 more words


Sorry, I have nothing to say tonight. My mind has been closed all day.
But hey, maybe that means it’ll be super open tomorrow?

xoxo, Meghan Claire

Lights (Raw Edition & Android Wallpapers Added) (04/15/2014)

Updates, updates & updates!

It’s been a few weeks since I last updated, so here’s what’s new:

Blog Updates

A Look In Her Eyes

KC is new to modelling world and yet her eyes seems to know where to exactly stare to capture that great portrait photo. While currently she works in one of the biggest BPO firm in the country, she may have a great future in modelling. 19 more words


Sutil luz

Sometimes I know I am dreaming, but I pretend that I don’t know it. Then I start to float, then to levitate and finally to fly, enough slow to don’t wake up, enough slow to taste the moment. 21 more words