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Star Wars Lightsaber Pen

Dr. Girlfriend is a lady that knows what I like – in this case, it’s a freaking Star Wars Lightsaber Pen that lights up both at the touch of a button and when you write with it! 114 more words

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Haiku 04.23.14


Uh oh, here we go
Things are starting to amp up
Bring in strength, calm, zen.

Star Wars

Jedi Cats (the saga)

here it is … brilliant! (especially that cat with the two lightsabers … excellent work!)

Star Wars

Jedi Cats

yes another of those clever animations … i’ll see if the jedi cats saga is available too .. that is really funny!

Star Wars

Jedi Squirrels

this is funny! A squirrel with a lightsaber! hehehe

Star Wars

Haiku 04.22.14


Such a busy day
And feeling so exhausted
Traveling next week

Star Wars

Our Easter and Star Wars Stuff

We didn’t do much for Easter. We don’t really celebrate, and Ben isn’t allowed to have candy, so he got a bag full of stuff like bubbles, chalk, a new water bottle, new markers, and a calculator. 152 more words