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Replica Star Wars: The Force Awakens Crossguard Lightsaber

This fan-made lightsaber, created by 馬 可多, looks almost exactly like the crossguard lightsaber seen in the teaser trailer for the upcoming film, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens… 45 more words


Storytime and Lightsabers

This morning, we headed over to the library for storytime. It had been months since our last visit now that we are busy with work. The session we sat in on was mostly for younger kids, but Little Man seemed to entertain himself. 332 more words


A minor Update...

Here are some pictures of some bridges and Ewok huts we did! We brought the board out back to get a more “Green” background… This board is definitely getting there!

Bridges, Bridges, and MORE Bridges

We have been going crazy on making bridges! Every plank is hand laid an glued. We use plastic bond, it melts the plastic together essentially making it just as strong as the plastic itself! 43 more words

Star Wars Terrain: Update #1

Hello, I am going to be blogging about this star wars terrarium! I will post updates and maybe even a couple tutorials. I will be making an Ewok village & the entire Endor fight scene. 12 more words

This Is The Force Awakens Trailer

That’s right.  A trailer.

So I’ve watched this thing enough times to qualify as unhealthy.  To say I am excited for or looking forward to next year would be on the scale of equating Warren Buffett to some dude on the side of the road asking for change.   564 more words


Star Wars: It Begins Again

Well…I guess discussion is bound to happen when it comes to Star Wars. How will it compare to the other films? Will J.J. Abrams be the right director for the movies? 168 more words