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Two boys. Eight and six. Legos aside.

Star Wars Jedi: In Order of Hotness

*DISCLAIMER: This article does not include female Jedi because I am a homosexual and they are all far too fabulous to be able to rank (looking at you Shaak Ti). 899 more words

Wallpaper of The Week: Shino Asada x Kirigaya Kazuto

I love posting Sword Art Online II or Gun Gale Online, whichever you prefer, as the wallpaper for this week. I know that Kazuto is originally a male but hey, I could still dig the yuri scenes that are shown in this series. 19 more words


Chop off your son's hand with this Katana-Lightsaber.

If Darth Vader lost his light saber,  he would use this Katana. Sith approved.

Sword Art Online Season 2: Episode 5

Here we go again! Unexpected events in this episode! 676 more words


This is Where the Fun Begins

Actually, the fun began a while ago, but we’re ramping it up.

In the middle of all this prep for a wedding, it’s sometimes hard to remember that we’re doing this to enjoy ourselves. 133 more words