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Viglen MPC-L Debian web server install

The first task after installing Debian on my Viglen MPC-L was to get a web server up and running. As the MPC is a low powered device I looked at a number of “light” web servers and the two most commonly mentioned were… 115 more words


Web2.0 - Workshop - Tutorial - 5 - Apache - Create multiple sites (VHOSTS)

Its not a food blog, its very much a piece on Apache Virtual Hosts. Just like you can have many items on your platter you can have several different sites on a single host machine running a single instance of Apache. 953 more words

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Running webpy Projects with Lighttpd (FastCGI)

Running webpy Projects with Lighttpd (FastCGI)

In this tutorial, we will be running web.py from a lighttpd server. Existing online tutorials mainly shows how to write the config file, not fully mentioning how to solve all the weird errors that will pop up all over the place. 503 more words


Web2.0 - Workshop - Tutorial - 4 - Apache - Installation

When you fire your browser and request an URL the URL is looked up in a DNS server and the ip address is picked up. The browser then requests the server at this ip address to serve the request. 206 more words

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