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Video: Old Man Dances Like A Champ!

You’re never too old to strut your stuff!

Just ask the old man in this video that has gone viral!

He starts off using his crutches and the next thing you know…..

Check out the video!


Is That Seat Taken?

We’ve all been there… Looking for a place to sit down in a crowded place, say an airport gate area.

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Murder She Blogged is going on a little hiatus while I go on an epic voyage to USA to solve mysteries, attend a wedding and eat a cronut. 44 more words

Commercial Breaks


Hubby is back to work in Beijing but he made sure he didn’t lose his touch when he was on vacation in France ;-)

Life In China

What lies behind the iPic curtain: A review from a former employee

At iPic Westwood you will experience nothing but justified unprofessionalism.


The valet guys that work outside of iPic are pretty chill, but I hear that’s how all valet guys are…. 1,191 more words