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Like a man: Adam Cohen - Bush Hall London 15.10.14

How do you make yourself a place on the music scene when your father has done it all before you? Maybe, as Adam Cohen did last night, you joke about it: “For those of you who don’t know me, I am the son of a legendary Canadian singer…Céline Dion”. 308 more words


Online privacy isn't as private as you might think

Now that we’ve had a few days to let the recent leak of celebrity photos cool down––y’know, the one of Jennifer Lawerence, Kate Upton, and various others––it’s time to take a look at what… 807 more words

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10 craft beers you have to try

By Michael Cooper

Ah! What sweet, wonderful words. In the ensuing moments, you’re going to receive a cold, frothy concoction of barley, hoppy,  yeasty greatness that will grace your taste buds—and for a second, all will be right in the world. 853 more words

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Like A Man: Dedication and commitment

Dr. James Liu

43 >> Owner, Adult & Pediatric ENT & Allergy of The Woodlands

>> I graduated from Baylor in 1992 and was board certified in 1999. 649 more words

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The best damn steak of your life

By Brandon Hurtado

There are few things that define a man more than how he dresses, the type of liquor he drinks, and how he likes his steak… 535 more words

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Like A Man: The stars aligned

David Salinas

26 >> Entrepreneur, Spartan-Tutoring

>> All the stars aligned for me to get to where I am today.

>> When I graduated college, Texas A&M in spring 2010, I had—literally, to my name—$12. 753 more words

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Like A Man: The stories I hear

Oscar Carlin

48 >> Bartender, Sunset Strip

>> I’ve been bartending since 1988.

>> I love meeting people.

>> I have a B.S. in psychology from Texas A&M. 624 more words

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