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We need a new Facebook button. Or a new definition of 'like'.

Last week, a friend lost a very close relative. She made a related post on Facebook, which quickly accumulated over 100 comments with various messages of sympathy and encouragement, and nearly 400 likes. 171 more words


The Power of the Like Button

The Power of the Like Button

This very interesting video is circulating around Facebook, and basically it is informing us that our news feeds are thinning out due to the fact that friends are not using the LIKE button on our posts. 419 more words

Is the Facebook Dislike Button Going To Happen?!

How long have you been waiting to click dislike on that really annoying post or comment on Facebook? Well soon enough you might be able to do just that! 150 more words


Facebook Is Considering Adding A "Dislike" Button

You know you’ve had that thought — “I OPPOSITE OF “LIKE” THIS, FACEBOOK!” — whether it was on the eleventy trillionth gushing baby photo post or whatever ridiculous political thing that person from high school is posting this time. 256 more words

An Appeal to Facebook

After I criticized Facebook, they decided to poll me, asking which posts look like adverts or not. Including my own. Yes. Really. #GoodOneFacebook ….

Actually, you know what? 152 more words