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Online Life: Facebook, Twitter and the Like

Lately, I’ve been pissing people off by not “liking” seemingly like-worthy stories, like the one about the family who created a bucket list for their unborn baby with anencephaly.

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@#$@%&*# Like button

     Well friends, my like button stayed stable for posts up to 1 day ago.  After that…ker-SMASH!!!!

And my comments disappeared along the same time.  WP, if you are really really out, I and others need some triage on our like buttons and comments….pretty please?  Thank you.


What does your like button say about you?

Bloggers we all know what it means when someone likes your post,

They hit the like button and we are thrilled and over run with joy that someone thought enough of us to hit the like button. 138 more words


"Like Button" being bad....again

Dear friends,

My like button is being bad.  I spent so much time reading and catching up to your posts and none of the “like”s took.  94 more words


Facebook’s “Like” button has gone native on mobile. As of Thursday, Android and iOS developers are able to add it inside their apps, giving users the ability to “like” an article, the app itself, certain content within the app, or the app’s Facebook page. 46 more words

Like it or not...

A few weeks back, I read an interesting article by someone who had stopped clicking the Like button on Facebook. Her thinking was that Facebook tries to suggest Likeable feed to her, based on an algorthim calculated from what she’s Liked, and since she didn’t like that (no pun intended) she wanted to get off the ride. 898 more words


Too Easy to Click

Margaret Gould Stewart, Facebook’s director of product design, said that it took over 280 hours to re-design Facebook’s Like button. ( It’s tiny, but it does so much. 301 more words

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