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Too Easy to Click

Margaret Gould Stewart,¬†Facebook’s director of product design, said that it took over 280 hours to re-design Facebook’s Like button. ( It’s tiny, but it does so much. 301 more words

Mental Judo

Followers and Comments - What's The Protocol?

Many, many months ago I was perusing through WordPress hoping to pick up a few new blogs to read daily – as if I didn’t already have enough reading material on hand – when I happened upon an interesting read. 261 more words

Social Media And Promoting

Responding to Comments

To everyone who reads this blog, I try to respond to comments as the situation warrants it. Part of this whole blogging experience of mine is to be as welcoming and understanding as possible, and I believe strongly in everyone having their own say. 347 more words

Debate Over The Facebook 'Like' Button: Would You Get Rid Of Yours?

We love using the ‘Like’ button on Facebook, but not everyone does! There’s an ongoing debate about the ‘Like’ button and some people are getting rid of it. 96 more words


Not "Liking" but Instead Liking

An exercise I began about ten days ago is no longer clicking the “like” button on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media sites.

It isn’t that I stopped liking content, but rather that I didn’t like how clicking the “like” button was nearly automatic and yet entirely devoid of human interaction. 191 more words



It was back from Alaska and back-to-school around here this week. Carter was the most disappointed, since H and I were both busy and not at home as much (see his moping above). 373 more words