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I am not very savvy on the etiquette of blogging, tweeting, FaceBooking, or whatever social media is out there.  I do know my way around my computer and can do a fair amount of… 412 more words


Physical Networking.

Is it just me, or has the internet become a place for people to go and fight? I can’t go anywhere on the web without running into people who think that they’re better than everybody else alive. 239 more words

Quip, Ex-FB CTO Bret Taylor's Word Processing App, Gets A Like Button, Themes And More

When Bret Taylor, the ex-CTO of Facebook, co-founded mobile-first word processing app Quip with ex-Googler Kevin Gibbs, the move appeared to be a world away from the work Taylor had done to help build the world’s largest social network. 1,045 more words


We lived in the new generation where everything goes online and digital, We are more connected than ever, Considering in the past where our ancestors communicate only by Yodel in Dark Caves and High Mountains. 380 more words

Not Enough Buttons

Facebook has gone to a lot of trouble to add “Like” as part of their brand. Apparently, they are still fighting about it in court. I guess they don’t own the word, just the button but even there, I think they messed up. 848 more words


You Scratch My Like Button - I'll Scratch Yours

I recently wrote a piece about the music scene looking at how some of the hottest new artists are getting radio airplay but failing to register on the public radar. 903 more words