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The Black Nail Polish

Ameer was standing, looking at Andrea. She was so happy enjoying her hands getting designed by Mehandi. He never expected such a smile in her face. 2,530 more words

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"Love" JOB



She looked him, he looked her. They smiled. 

” I Love you more than me my Love”. 

Their heart said each other. They both heard it and the sweetness of smile was so lovely to see that anyone could fall in love with them. 625 more words

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FTF Book Review: Lisa Jensen - Alias Hook

I will never tire of Peter Pan and the spin-offs, sequels, prequels, alternate stories, and whatever else it has inspired. The Neverland is a special place and fertile ground for the imagination. 974 more words


FTF Book Review: Alethea Kontis - Hero

After Enchanted did to me what its title promised (if more with the Woodcutter family than with the romance) I couldn’t keep my hands off the second book in the series. 1,103 more words


Shannon Hale - The Goose Girl

After reading a few more recent fairy tale retellings, I thought I’d go back to the “classics” of the sub-genre. I have yet to read a negative opinion on Shannon Hale’s The Goose Girl, a retelling said to be very faithful to the original. 1,287 more words


MOBILE THRESHOLDS|Summertime in Bomarzo with Middlesex University |26-27 july 2014

Palazzo Orsini in Bomarzo, is the location for the one-week Summer School organized by Middlesex University with a group of twenty-five Interior Architecture / Interior Design and Dance students and graduates.  58 more words


Cagliostro (Albatros, 1929)

Cagliostro (Albatros, 1929)
Directed by Richard Oswald
Starring Hans Stüwe

“Long thought to be lost…” the back of the DVD case says, although that’s a slight exaggeration. 794 more words