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Saben este año 2014 fue un muy buen año obviamente llena de bajas y altas.
Altas porque pues me di cuenta una vez mas quienes son mis verdaderos amigos y sigo teniendo a mi lado a la persona mas importante en mi vida; aquella persona que me ha aguantado, me soporta, me ama, me apapacha, y no me deja sola, esas son las personas que realmente valen la pena en nuestras vidas y bajas porque reprobé de nuevo mis extras, y desde que me cambie ha habido más problemas que antes pero bueno eso siempre. 340 more words

You will walk today

Your daily chuckle!

I went to a mixed religion seminar.

The Christian Priest came, laid his hands on my hand and said, “By the will of Jesus Christ, you will walk today!”

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Black Ottd.

Hey Darlings ♡

So today I went to the museum (as per usual) and I thought might aswell do a OTTD.

As the cold is really kicking in.. 50 more words


LX Chronicles: No Money

I thought it was another perfect summer day. The sun was beaming without a cloud in the sky, nothing to block its light in the blue oasis. 2,532 more words


Learn Chinese Day #85

Grocery Shopping

買  菜

mǎi cài

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21176941/85.wav Click the audio link or play button above to learn how to say this phrase!!

  • Grammar:  “買菜” (mǎi cài) means “grocery shopping” in Chinese.  
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I know it hasn't finished yet, but thank you to...

This has been an, erm… interesting year!

I will sum-up my final thoughts on the Bible in a few day’s time, but this post is here to thank those far and wide who have made this journey an interesting one! 197 more words