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How to Register a Trademark - a Likely Trade Name for World Wrestling Entertainment

Wrestling and in particular that which is meant for entertainment has gradually gained its way to be one of the most popular sports for entertainment. A lot of people consider this form of entertainment to be one of their most favorite. 10 more words

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Likely One Big UV 'Sunburn'

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, which has tantalized astronomers for centuries, may be caused by something as surprisingly mundane as ultraviolet (UV) “tanning” at extremely high altitude, say researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). 630 more words

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I know. This is just slightly off-topic on the Psallentes-site. But on the other hand, I truly believe that this is modern-day plainchant. And it’s an ‘anti-war romance’! 114 more words


Ways You're Most Likely To Meet "The One"

Researchers asked over 10,000 married couples how they met.

According to a new survey, almost HALF of couples who end up getting married either meet through mutual friends, or through work. 47 more words


After tax trick ends, Ireland likely to slightly raise taxes on tech firms

Google says it’s had “more earnings realized” in countries with lower taxes. 517 more words


Future ground role for US military advisors in Iraq likely: Dempsey

US military advisors are likely to take a more direct role in the ground campaign against jihadists in Iraq once Iraqi forces are ready to go on the offensive, the top US officer said in comments aired Sunday. 487 more words

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Experts fear sediment from Mount Polley tailings pond could contaminate watershed

VANCOUVER – It has been more than two months since the collapse of the tailings dam at the Mount Polley gold and copper mine.

Research conducted by the University of Northern B.C. 160 more words