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Intern Derrick's Weekend Picks: Something For Everyone.

Throughout the decades, Philadelphia has been grinding out its own place on America’s musical map. From classic soul to jazz to the current burgeoning hip-hip and underground punk scenes, our great city has contributed a lot to the sonic landscape of popular music. 499 more words


SteveO and Likers @ Ortlieb's for The JUMP Spring Issue Launch Party.

Big thanks to SteveO from The Holy Mess and Likers, both of whom performed at the JUMP spring issue launch party on Friday at… 62 more words


Intern Derrick's Weekend Picks: Give Me Cheap Music!

It’s really hard being a music fan on a budget. I should know. There have been plenty of times when I’ve seriously contemplated skipping a meal (or three) just to save up the dough for a new album or tickets to a show coming through town. 600 more words


Facebook give-away!

My goal this year is to increase my reach on Facebook and gain a whopping total 1000 (gulp) likers! Cripes. I’ve realised that one of the best, and quickest, ways to do this is to offer a give-away (I know, I’m so behind the times). 122 more words

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