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Liking Cheerios

Since I hadn’t heard about the most recent Cheerios debacle, I decided to dig a little bit and try to figure out what in the world would make the company want to announce that if you ‘Like’ them, you can’t sue them… 305 more words


The notorious “Like” button. Facebook and Instagram.

Oh, the good old days, before Facebook blew up. Getting 5 or 6 likes on your profile picture from some good friends was acceptable. 620 more words

Weird Words #1

I don’t care if you like me
I don’t care if you don’t
The only thing that bothers me
Is why you’re eating soap.


My thoughts on: Confessions of a City Girl LA

I received a complimentary copy of this book for reviewing purposes.

This book is an amusing read. It took me only 3 hours to read. And I didn’t rush through it or anything. 273 more words

My Thoughts On

Rolls Royce Want To Be Liked Too.

By Tim Smith

Rolls Royce has attained FaceBook, erm, demi-godness or enlightenment or something, by having people click the ‘like’ button over 2 million times. That’s a lot of clicking, and, according to… 484 more words


Facebook Exposure Exposed

So you wrote a book? Now it’s time to let everyone know about it, and the best way to do that is through social media. However, before you create that fan page on Facebook, you should know a few things. 1,309 more words