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Quote of the day - #009

Memories last forever… 😊👍😄❤️💋

Goodnight from this side of the world.:)

Stay positive! Be happy and let others be happy!


I'm a fool, too

How much longer can we continue to function as the divide between our two halves grows exponentially?  Finger pointing.  Name calling.  Ostracizing.  Claiming we all want to be more united, but judging each other so harshly in the process that we become hypocrites in words and actions. 166 more words


To topic or not to topic?

I’ve been thinking recently that my blog does not have a specific topic. Unlike all the blogs I subscribe to that stick to certain areas such as food, fashion, literature, art, or something specific that has impacted the person’s journey, my little space in the internet seems to take the form of a series of free flowing concepts that may link here and there simply by all being part of my thoughts. 346 more words

Pieces Of Me

Introducing my blog♡


I created this blog for fun, sharing my thoughts I mean I don’t care if I get views,likes,or comments. On this blog there isn’t really a theme, so sorry for that. 57 more words

Guess what! We've Got Ourselves a New Name

Well, heads up everyone! Spots & Cravings has just been re-branded into The Devil Wears a Crown.

The Devil Wears a Crown gives a more personal touch to my blog since it’ll be more about me, in general, than just my travels and the food i like. 177 more words


Easter and a long weekend

Thank you all of my followers and post likers. After my celebratory 50 follower post I now have 3 lovely new followers and I also passed 100 likes. 74 more words